The Seeker (Chapter 6)

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Chapter 6

The Holder of the Beginning

Dinner that night was unusually quiet. Although Dave was rarely home that early in the evening, none sitting at the table questioned him. It was as if his family could indeed feel the turmoil raging within him. The anger, the confusion and, although Dave would be the last to admit it, excitement. He was going to do it. Tomorrow, he was going to a halfway house, this time to visit a Holder in town. He still had many questions to answer about these Holders, and it he would be a fool not to learn everything he could about them.
Helen, his wife, cleared her throat loudly. When no one spoke up, she cleared her plate from the table, and kissed her husband on the cheek. Quietly, she ascended the stairs to the second floor, where the bedrooms where. Dave placed his face in his hands, distraught that he was doing it once more. It was stupid, and he knew it. It was selfish, but he would never admit it.
The next day he pulled his Focus out of the driveway, and sped off towards South Main st., where the halfway house was located. He was less nervous about visiting a place in town now, as Dave was now sure of the Holder's existence. His hands shook as he drove, so much so that he lit a cigarette in his car, to calm his nerves. Dave had never smoked in his car, not since high school.
Flashing blue lights appeared behind him. Dave cursed under his breath. He must have been speeding in his rush to get there. He pulled down a side street, and shut off his engine. The officer stepped out of the car, and slowly walked up to Dave's window.
"Hello Officer" Dave attempted to say in his politest voice. His shattered nerves, however, led to him practically shouting it. The officer asked for Dave's license, which was promptly handed over. "Here ya go!" Dave shouted again, cursing at himself in his mind. the officer glanced up from the plastic I.D. card and squinted into Dave's eyes.
"Sir, have you consumed any illegal stimulants or narcotics today?" Dave attempted to be calm, however his answer 'no' was so rapidly spoken that the officer raised an eyebrow."Cocaine, or Crystal Methamphetamine?" Dave shook his head vigorously, then attempted to explain in his calmest voice how he was just nervous because he had never been stopped before. With a grunt, the police officer handed Dave his ticket.
Dave stared, shocked. Safety and security where very important to him, they where his job. and Yet, he had been going almost 75 in a 45, almost twice the legal speed limit. With a sigh, Dave started his car and pulled back onto the road. The trial would only be the first that day, and he still had the Holder of the Beginning to face.
The rest of Dave's trip to the halfway house was uneventful. He stood in the parking lot, small in terms of spacing, with only room for the workers and a few visitors. Dave had Justin's 'research' in his hands, and was going over it again and again. He didn't want to be caught off guard. It seemed much simpler that his first Holder. Nothing appeared as though it could go wrong. There where no examples of when to run away, no words to speak to save your life. You just went in and talked to the Holder. Flicking his still burning cigarette into the grass, Dave walked into the halfway house. Much simpler this time.
He walked up to the front desk, attempting to be casual and aloof, but only appearing to be awkward. The woman behind the desk was rather non-descript, her murky brown hair tied back in a lazy pony tail, and stray pieces held out of her face by a brown sweat band. She gave Dave a weak smile as he entered, and it was clear she wanted nothing more than a day off.
Dave walked up to the counter, ready with his reporter story from the other day if anything went wrong.
Taking in a deep breath to steady himself Dave asked the extremely disinterested woman "good morning, I was wondering if I might be able to visit a man who calls himself the Holder of the Beginning." The woman's vague expression jolted with a snap as she stared at Dave. After a few seconds she pressed a button on an intercom system and, without ever taking her eyes off Dave, asked "Mr. Reynolds, there is a visitor at the front desk looking for you." With that the woman stepped out from behind the desk and walked down the hall.
"Sorry sir, but I need to check on the" The paused for a moment, thinking of a believable scenario, "maids. They are always getting their schedules mixed up." She practically started sprinting, not ever looking back.
"I believe you are looking for a Holder?" Sounded a voice from behind Dave.

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