The Seeker (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7

The Beginning

"I believe you are looking for a Holder?" Sounded a voice from behind Dave.
Dave spun around, shocked to see that someone had crept behind him so quietly. It was a tall man, quite old, with snow white hair. In his hand was a cane made of ebony wood, rounded into a smooth ball at one end.

"The Holder of the Beginning." Dave managed to sputter out with some dignity, after being caught off guard.

"The Holder of the Beginning?" The man questioned. He didn't look very impressed at Dave's appearance.

"Yes, if you would show me the way, I shall visit him." Dave said, his feathers only ruffled slightly.

"Sir, before you go, I feel obliged to warn you"

Dave cut him off with an impatient wave of his hand. "I know quite well what I am getting myself into, Mr. Reynolds, now please, show me the way."

The man shrugged his shoulders as if to say 'die how you choose', and walked towards a hall to the left. A hall Dave was pretty certain he hadn't seen when he entered. It also led in the direction of the parking lot, which was impossible, because the wall shared with the parking lot was intercepted by the hallway. Clearly Holders held no respect for physical laws.
As they walked down the hallway, it seemed to be covered in a blanket of silence. Even their footsteps seemed muffled, as though they where the steps of someone far away. The hall seemed to stretch for miles and miles, and Dave's legs burned with the exercise. No matter how hard he grunted or panted, he couldn't hear himself. The walls, a boring, dull white, persisted straight ahead towards a white door. The door never got any closer, however, and in order to avoid nausea, Dave stared at his own feet.
On and on they walked until Dave thought they had walked past the end of the earth, until Dave was certain he had done something wrong, and would continue walking until the End.

Then it happened so suddenly that Dave almost tripped over himself. They had reached a plain white door, with an old-fashioned handle and lock. The man, presumably Mr. Reynolds, stuck the ludicrously modern key into the over sized lock and turned it. The door let out a muffled click and swung open.

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