The Balance in Doom

Continued from Legion of Balance.

“He’s in there, I haven’t seen him since… well… since he left.”
“He didn’t leave, Michael, he was taken.”
“Alright, then I haven’t seen him since he was taken.”
“You’d better let me do it, he isn’t the man you once knew.”
“No kidding.”

It had been exactly four days, three hours and forty-two minutes before Michael had tried to use the Apple. He didn’t exactly use it, but he did bring it back to its rightful owner. They had history, and it meant a lot that this Holder got his Object back. Michael had known him before he was who he is now, before he was a Holder.

The Holder of Doom.

Despite his current name, Doom used to be a pretty good guy. He had a normal life, cracked jokes, and two of the best friends anyone could ask for. But that was a long time ago. A very long time ago.

“Legion stole this from you, didn’t he, Doom?”
“Do you want it back?”
“Y-yeeesss… aannd m-mmy a-aah-armm…”
“I don’t have your arm, however I have something better. I have a choice; a chance for revenge. Do you want revenge?”
“Yeesss! K-kiill Legion!”
“That’s what I thought.”

Dallas knew all about Michael, Doom and Legion. Everything that those three had done had somehow offset the human realm’s equilibrium. He knew how the one Michael called Jack Empty had tortured them, and caused Legion to become mad, and Doom to become the rotting Holder he is now. It happened a long, long time ago. They didn’t call him Legion back then, but they didn’t call Michael or Doom by their present names either.

No, back then they were referred to by different names; their archaic, forgotten names. They lived happily in that time. Legion and Doom traveled the world, while Michael was oblivious to what would befall him.

“I’m going to give you a choice, Doom.”
“You can either stay here, and continue being the Holder of Doom, being forever tormented in the cell of your own body. I can leave you.”
“P-p-pllleeaassseee! Nnnnoooo…”
“The other choice is a simple one. I can release you from this prison. Clear you of all past wrongs, let your tortured soul finally rest in peace. Put simply, I can kill you.”

The three boys were sixteen, eighteen and nineteen. Although Legion and Doom traveled the globe while they searched for their precious Objects, they and Michael still had a place to call home. The village has no name, none that be remembered, and indeed not been recorded in history. All that's known is that Yochanan, back then usually called the Hollow Man, came back one day for a visit on the heels of Legion and Doom. Yochanan had twisted Legion into a sick and broken husk of his former self, but Legion's corruption was only beginning to show itself superficially.

Legion's corruption soon spread, The Hollow Man's twisted words blackening his soul and defacing his mind. Eventually a foe came before Legion; one he was not certain he could best. So he came to his master, Yochanan, and asked for one thing: life. Life eternal, that is.

But Yochanan, the strange and empty thing he is, took Legion's request and twisted it into a mad curse: Legbreaker bound Legion's life to that of Doom and Micheal, a maddening and cruel process.

Their thoughts began to break and buckle against the pain of the experience and against the dark thoughts that invaded Legions psyche. For a moment, perhaps two, they went mad.

And in that moment they did something unspeakable.

This dark deed must be Balanced.

“So, Doom, What will it be?”
“M-maake s-s-shhurree Le-Legion p-p-pays… T-ell M-M-Michael I w-wiill M-m-misss hhiimm.”
“I'm going to assume that that qualifies as option number two, then.”

Dallas knew that when the boys reawoke from their delusions they saw only horror. They saw their village destroyed and it's citizens murdered, the blood on their hands.

They found Yochanan basking in the shade of an untouched apple tree. Dallas knew that Yochanan described to them, much to Legion's twisted glee, what events had occured; the things that Legion had forced them to do.

No doubt Legion and he shared a fine laugh at their suffering.

Soon after, Legion had disappeared, and all records of him ceased to exist. Some say he met up with Edo Edi Essum, others say he simply lost his humanity on his own. What Balance did know, however, is that he cast off the last vestiges of the young man he once was. Now he had become the Holder of Legion, the most powerful being on the planet. Until Dallas found him, that is.
Doom continued his quest for the Objects. Whether he continued in an attempt to forget the destruction of his home, or to collect them, or simply as an innate lust, Dallas didn't know his exact motives. Eventually, he made a mistake and became a the Holder of Doom, decayed and rotting; a putrid and vile shadow of his former self. Yochanan claims that he in fact set in motion the chain of events that lead to Doom's perversion into a Holder. Dallas believed him; Yochonan's personallity, the egotistical bastard, would be eager to admit to something like that.

Eventually, the Balance met up with Michael. Yochanan's mark upon him was as obvious as the nose on one's face. It was obvious that Yochanan twisted young Michael as well, leaving him a bitter, self-pitying and self-loathing young man. He had become immortal by Yochanan's actions, and clearly he despised it. Michael said that he became a Seeker as well, although he had never told Dallas of his reasons for doing so. Given his mental state, it could easily be assumed that Michael himself didn't even know, and did it simply because it has become instinct. Later he said that Legion took his Objects from him, leaving him bitter and desolate.

The bond between Legion, Michael, and Doom was an oddity to Dallas. It seemed as if either the trauma they experienced in life or their entrance into un-life has created a peculiar link between the three. One a Holder, putrid and rotting, one a man, living forever in his own pity, and one the most powerful being in any realm, they are linked by a bond deeper than Balance could fathom.

He changed that. Dallas killed the Holder of Doom, and he hopefully broke the spell that kept the trio immortal.

Doom deserved some paradise after all the hell he’d been through.

“Alright, are you ready?”
“A-as I’ll e-eh-everr bee…”
“Rennak Cho-Allam Beanye!”

“It is done, Michael.”
“What, what did you do!?”
“You are free from your immortal curse.”
“You-You killed him?”
“Yes, he is at peace.”
“And the apple?”
“Will find a new Holder, like it always has.”
“I feel so…”
“No, it’s better than that. Since I’ve been cursed, since my village had been destroyed, I've had this cloud of horror and hatred and sorrow looming over top of my soul. For the first time in a
long time… I feel…”
“Yeah, Happy. Thanks, Balance.”
“It’s my Duty, Michael."
“Yeah, I guess. Thanks for balancing it all out.”

Continued in Equal Ends.

Part of The Balance Saga.
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