The Balance Saga

My great uncle used to tell me stories of a man before bedtime. They seemed so far-fetched, for children. He told me that this great man saved the world more times than anyone could count. He made evil be good and he made dark be light. He brought Yin to yang and good to Evil. He made everything fair.

After I found about the Objects and the Holders, I came to the conclusion that there must have been some truth to what my great uncle D told me.
However he came about knowing these stories I'll never know, I haven't seen him in years.
It's a story about a man with a purpose.

They called him The Balance,
and he must be maintained.

The Balance

Balancing Emptiness.

Legion of Balance.

The Balance in Doom.

Equal Ends.

Coming Undone.

Heaven in Balance.

Balancing the Score.

Balancing Thought.

Featherweight Equal

Balance in Mind


Essum in Balance

Equal and Opposite

Everything Balanced

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