The Blood Feaster

We only read about it in Stories, and we thought he was totally crazy. Not just "he," but He too. We hear about the Seekers, they say they are fake and that the objects are fake. Not true. The Seeker must be careful, as my friend took to one of the objects. Our school was destroyed in the 90's, along with many students. To cover up the "demonic crisis," the Church of Christ closed down the entire area.

What many do not know is that there were Four in the school that logged information about the "Blood Feaster." In two instances, the names "Kain" and "Majora" are mentioned along with a "Blood Feaster-'weapon-thingy'" by student accounts -- one in a badly written, first attempt short story by a sixth grader and another by a written memo stained in blood by school Nurse Attilia.

The sick sense of these "demons" actually destroyed an elementary school with kids in it, along with the teachers, nurses, principle, and even superintendent. What may be known is that the superintendent may of been a Holder, while a student read of the first known Object writing back in 1998 (read shortly before a major dot com bubble).

I've researched "Kain" and "Majora" enough to know that they have been ill-presented in modern depictions.

"Kain" is referred to as the "King of Vampires" and even has a ridiculous game associated with his name under the 'Blood Omen' series on PlayStation.

Similarly, Majora is only referred to in a 'Legend of Zelda' game. The mask that is considered to be "Majora's Mask" is actually a mask created by Legion that fused nearly every element of the Objects, from the moment of existence to the point of absolute zero.

Kain is a representative of Majora, in that he possesses many of the abilities bestowed by that of Majora. Now Majora is a different entity - unexplainable by textual interfaces and even thoughtforms. May you attempt to envision the true entity that Majora is; you will succumb to permanent madness.

The only way to understand Majora is by having the Mask of Majora (not Majora's Mask) which was created by Kain in order to communicate effectively with Majora. Some would consider the Mask of Majora to be an ethereal entity created in the third dimension through a conscious mind tampering with fifth dimensional properties.

I have come into possession of this mask only once, and I must tell you: DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE.

This mask will let you see through to a fifth dimension parallax known as "ENTITY 61'055'402'538." This is a dangerous flirt with third dimension pulsates; if you do not possess Object 46 (the mirror), you will not be protected by the conscious vibrations of existential indifferences. In other words, your mind will be ripped apart and your body will lump to the ground as a sack of flesh.

Kain is in usual possession of this mask as he is Majora's main representative of the Mind in the third dimension. Kain and Legion do not get along, despite alignment perfections. Kain wishes to achieve material perfection - while Legion is a being that is One but Many. Legion would love to have Kain's soulful embodiment, but Kain seeks the weapon known as the 'Blood Feaster.'

After you attain the seven masks by the Holder of the Seven Masks, the fifth mask is Discordia's Mask, which will guarantee you the empowerment of all things Chaos. Kain may seek you out, and should he find you, he will cast the building you stay in with a giant rock wall. This rock wall materialized from the ethereal realm known only as Hell, and will be unaffected by human magick and especially any possible dimension hacking tricks.

With Discordia's Mask, you will be able to identify the position of the Blood Feaster. Kain cannot actually wear this mask and relies on human effort to pinpoint the location - should this happen to you, be prepared.

Kain may not die by any known human weapon, chemical, or gas. Occasionally, he may be stunned - which is required to kill his human form. You will require all seven masks to defeat Kain, along with the Blood Feaster. Failure to attain the Blood Feaster and increasing Kain's time spent hunting you down will result in catastrophic fates and outcomes.

One report notes that the killing by Kain was 'very momentary,' while others note, "he was sicker than Satan himself." Reports indicate everything from hard drug usage and mass manslaughter to grossly violent crimes such as rape and cannibalism. Some consider it pleasure to Kain - it is merely entertainment as no known mortal encountering Kain has ever been able to escape for longer than a few hours.

Many believe that the Blood Feaster lay dormant in South Africa, where blood diamonds are being foraged today. I dare not go after the weapon, but it never hurts to want to put an end to one of Lucifer's creations... wouldn't you agree?

Regardless, the Blood Feaster is consider Object -999 of 538... a weapon cursed by the Gods themselves.

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