The Fairytale.

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Dear Mr. Todd,

I have recently received a letter from you and your associates about my findings in southern Africa. I cannot explain how excited I was to receive a letter with the name Rockwell on it. I am not sure if you knew, but my father had worked with Mr. Rockwell twenty years ago, and it is nice to see he is still in the field of archeology. I myself have had pictures of my father and him for awhile, and it was a pleasant surprise to compare them to the ones you sent me, as the man does not seem to have grown a year older! But nonetheless, I digress.

What I found deep in the the ruins we uncovered near Halib in Namibia has been the source of many arguments in my group. Though the most difficult part was translating it, now that we have, we cannot quite understand what the meaning of it is. Dr. Strosset argues that it based off of a folk tale, whereas Dr. Maim suggests we simply mistranslated. Nevertheless, the object itself is amazing: a large piece of obsidian, in the middle of a desert. Well, to be exact, we assume it's obsidian. We cannot tell for sure at the moment, but within a week we will have it tested. The entirety of the ruins seems to be much older than we had originally predicted. We may have found one of the oldest (and best preserved) man made structures! The rock itself still gives us trouble though; for example, it seems far too strong to be obsidian, as we cannot break a piece of it off. Also, some of our professors have been complaining of mild headaches when around the object--possibly some kind of irritant is around the rock.

But I do understand that the writing itself is of the most importance to you, so I will write it here for you:

The black sun above me lights the red sky.

I can't smile.

They are all watching, and I cannot smile.

They are whispering, and still I cannot smile.

Two thousand five hundred and thirty eight of them and I cannot smile.

Why can't I smile?

Interestingly enough, as I write this letter, a large helicopter has just landed and I am told that it belongs to Mr. Rockwell's company, maybe I should simply give them this letter to save on postage! Either way, I await your reply and your thoughts on the subject.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Jessica Tolden

PS: I just remembered. All around the ruins, the number 1072 was repeatedly written. Does this number mean anything to you?

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