The Holder Of Blood

In any city, in any country, go to a blood donation building. Within the building, the woman at the front will ask, "Would you like to make a donation?"
You are to say "No donation. I'm here to talk with the Holder Of Blood."
A look of horror will strike her face, almost as if she just found out she is to die.

She will take you to a part of the building that isn't known to others. You will walk into a room that is filled with donated blood within fridges. There is one fridge, in which there is nothing. It acts as a passageway to a hidden region of the complex. Within this passage you will hear something dripping. At first you'll think it is just water, you will have the liquid drop onto your face, and you will notice this isn't water. Its blood. If you feel cuts opening onto your arms, you are to yell "My blood is not pure just yet, but soon it shall be so." The cuts should stop. If not, run out of the blood donation as fast as possible and cover your arms with the strongest bandage you can find; it will not stop until it has your blood. If the cuts do stop, run until you reach a stone door with a symbol of a blood drop. You are to sacrifice your blood with the knife on the floor in front of the door. Do not lose this knife.

After sacrificing your blood, the door will crack. You are to knock three times, and then say "Ya khotel by videtʹobladatelya krovi." Then wait. Once the door collapses, you are to slowly enter.

You will find yourself in a room with a pool of blood. There is a passageway at the bottom of the pool; you have to swim in this liquid. Open the passage way and drop down into the small hole. The blood pool stays where it is; the liquid won't move into the passage. It'll stay put, suspended in the previous room as if it is a solid. In the passageway you will feel a heat wave. Run. The passageway is on fire with an eerie blue fire. Run to the door. Once reaching the door, you are to open it, slam it shut, and the fire will extinguish. If you do not make it, the fire will not burn you; something else will. Something much more soul-shattering and hellish.

Assuming you've made it, the room you've just entered is pitch black. You will feel something pulling you back to the door. You have to escape it. Run to the end of the room. There is a door with two lit torches; each bearing the same blue fire as seen in the previous room. Once reaching the door you'll notice creatures no man should ever see trying to eat at your body; open the door immediately and shut it!

After closing the door, you will see a man hunched over with cuts all up his arms and legs. There is a black hole within his chest where his heart is meant to be.

Approach him and say:
"I'm here for the Holder Of Blood."
He will charge at you. You have to use the knife you picked up earlier to stab him where is heart should be. you'll notice the knife turning dark red. A fire will start inside the void of his chest and soon it'll spread to the rest of his body. He will scream in agony; his screams will drive a man mad. Close your eyes and cover your ears until you cant feel any heat, nor hear any screams. Open your eyes and uncover your ears. You'll be in a field in the same country you were in before. You should see a skull. Pick it up, and upon looking forward you should see that country's government building. You are to enter this building. This is where the final Holder rests, The Holder Of Legion.

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