The Holder Of Printers

Go to and attempt to print out the front page. Once you do this, your test has begun.

Your printer will act like any other printer, slow, clunky, and constantly breaking. You must PERFECTLY print out the front page. The printer will constantly run out of ink and run out of toner. If any of these happens, quickly go to the store and buy some. Do not say anything to anyone, because you do not exist in your world anymore, but you exist in his world. The printer will also jam frequently. Do not dare to put in less than 20 sheets at a time. If an error saying ERROR 538: CANNOT PRINT comes up, proceed to angrily smash your printer and scream "I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL MURDER THIS PRINTER!!!" If the error remains, then pray for a quick death, because the Holder will now print your face ad infinitum.

If you manage to print out the front page, than take that page. Take the printer and drop it out of the nearest window outside of the room. When you come back, you will see you have a new printer. This printer will never jam, never run out of ink, toner, or sheets.

However, you must feed it your blood every day or it will explode in your face the next time you use it.

This is Object #1234567890 of 2538. Are you willing to feed your printer blood every day for perfection?

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