The Holder Of Terror

In any city, in any country go to any insane asylum and walk past the front desk; when the man asks you where you are going, or what you think you are doing tell him you are seeking the Holder of Terror. The color should wash from his face as he says in the most serious of tones, “Follow Me, You are going the Wrong Way.”

He will guide you down an ill kept hall. He will tell you to stay away from the walls because other Seekers have failed, and taken residence here. He will open the door and tell you to enter; as you do he will shut and lock the door. An unrelenting terror will fall on you as you can only imagine what will happen next. Many die by their own hands in this black room, some die of their own fright. You must remain calm.

You will feel your fears become reality before your very eyes. In a calm, clear voice yell out into your vision, "I’m not afraid of you!" If the room continues to show the nightmare you have failed, and you are destined to join the ranks of the ill kept hall. If you have succeeded the room will return to black except a hallway that wasn’t there before. Proceed down that hallway

When you come to an end a horrific woman will reveal herself. The woman will have chunks of skin missing; she will be oozing blood and what can only be assumed as pus. You will find that you cannot speak, with the exception of a question, “What terror will these Objects bring?” The woman will begin to describe to you in detail all that your previous journeys and all future ones until you collect the last Object, She will end her prophecy and tell you that “What happens after that is up to you.” She will then reveal a small object that you'll remember she didn't have when you began talking.

Just like she appeared she will disappear, and you will find yourself at the front desk. The man will ask you if you found what you were looking for. Do not present the Object, nod politely and leave.

That Object is Object #310 of 538. What happens next is up to you

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