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Sign on to any computer and load any browser that is installed on the computer. Find a search engine and type in "The Holders". If you make a typo, then you will be forced to sit there, typing "The Holders" in your search bar forever. You will get taken to a normal search page. Click on the first result. If it leads you to this website, then your fate is sealed. You will stare at the icon of the eye until you go mad and kill yourself in the most brutal way possible. If your computer crashes, then turn around. If there is somebody behind you, then you are too late. They will claw out your eyes and rip out your heart in a second, and you will be forced to live in pain for eternity. If there is nobody there, then reboot your computer. This time, type "I seek the Holder of" If you make a typo, you will suffer the same fate you did as if you made a typo when typing "The Holders". Otherwise, you should again get taken to a normal search page. Click on the first result. If your computer crashes again, then bash your head on the keyboard until you die. If you do not do this, or stop at any time, They will find you. If you get taken to this website, continue.

Click on "Series List". Browse the list and pay attention to the numbers. They should go from 1 to 538, and then 2538. If you see any other number, then one of the writers have made a mistake, and you will be forced to finish the series, writing the entries for every number that has not been created yet from 1 to 2538. If not, then read all the stories on that page. This will take less time than you expected. When you are done, click Message Board. Post a thread with the title "The Holders" and write in the message body "What is TheHolders?" If anyone other than a man named Sysop replies, than even They will cry for you.

If it is Sysop, then he will say one of three things. If he says "I'm sorry, but that will not work" then turn off your computer. As long as you never mention The Holders to anyone, you will live a happy life. If he says "You cannot learn." then you will never be able to gain an object. Any objects you already have will be returned. You will live a happy life, but nothing this page says will have any effect in real life. If he says "They are a story with a great responsibility. Can you accept it?" then quickly type "I will hold the holders." then your printer will start up. It will start printing a picture of an eye, the same picture as the icon of the website. This print will work even if you have no ink. If you have no printer, then you are a fool. Your computer will explode, leaving shards in your skin and paralyzing you for the rest of your life.

This is object Object 2539 of 2538. It is not a true object, but it was created right after object 2538. This printed picture of an eye will tell you the story of the Holders when you ask it for a specific Holder. If you ask it for The Holder of the End, it will tell you the instructions that are written on that page. Whether you use it for entertainment or for the objects is up to you.

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