The Holder Of The Flowing Waters

In any city, in any country, go into any leisure centre, YMCA, or any active building with public showers.

Stand under the shower that is third to the left, fully clothed. It is not necessary to turn the shower on, although it may be a good idea to prepare yourself for the ordeals ahead. After some time (it varies from person to person), a member of staff will approach you, and ask what you are doing. It will be a man if you are a woman, and a woman if you are a man. If they are the same gender as you, apologise and leave. You will be free to try again another day, but for 24 hours any fluid that enters your body will burn as though it were corrosive acid.

If the worker who approaches you is of the opposite gender, you are safe. If you have not turned the shower on already, it is recommended you do so now. They will ask again, what you are doing. Reply quietly, barely a whisper, "I seek.". They will ask you repeat yourself. Do what they ask of you, scream it at the top of your lungs, "I SEEK THE HOLDER OF THE FLOWING WATERS!". While you do this, you must throw them under the stream of water. If you have not turned the shower on, then you are already damned.

The worker should shriek. Your eardrums may well burst as they stumble forward. Move, as the liquids they excrete in death will be as lethal as anything you have experienced thus far, and it will not work quickly. If you dodge the worker's final assault, they should collapse on the ground. Blink once, and they will disappear. Take the key that lay where their corpse was a moment ago. Turn, and you will find that the shower has been replaced by a door. Unlock it with the key, and enter.

You will find yourself in another room, showers lining the walls as far as your imagination can stretch, and onwards, past the bounds of sanity. Strip off your clothes, choose a shower, which you pick does not matter. Stand under it and turn on the water.

The water will be at just the right temperature, and as you stand under it you will feel that your soul is being massaged. Your mind will clear, and you will feel refreshed. Fight this feeling.

If you manage to regain your senses, you will notice the other showers are now occupied. Do not be ashamed of your nakedness, the others will be too distracted. They face the water directly, with featureless heads being cleaned as the water moves down their fleshy forms. If you did not manage to concentrate, you would have been one of these beings, neither alive nor dead, staring upward in hope of meeting the Holder.

Face forward once more and you will notice a timer. It is set to twelve hours. You must maintain contact with the water until this time expires.

The sound of the water may rise to a roar, or fade to barely perceptible levels. Your body will become used to the sensation, and you may fear the water has stopped. This is a trick. Keep a part of your body under the flow of water at all times. The temperature will change. It may scald you, burning the flesh from your bones, or freeze you. It may suddenly become corrosive, or as hard as steel. You may lose chunks of flesh, limbs, eyes, and finally, your ears. Should they have survived your previous struggle with the demonic staff, and the pounding of the water on naked bodies, they will not survive the tormented screams of a billion undead creatures as the boiling water sears their bodies. Blood will mingle with chunks of flesh and may once have been your bodily fluids, and flow down into the darkness.

Whatever happens, do not move from under the water. As hard as you may find this to believe, it is best to keep all of your body under the water. What lurks beyond the waters is a far worse fate; one which I cannot accurately describe in words of this realm.

If you should somehow manage to survive the entire twelve hours, everything will stop. The screams, the water, everything will stop. Everything but the pain. The lights will extinguish. With everything you've left in your ravaged, tattered excuse for a body, ask the darkness one question. "Where do the waters flow to?"

A great wall of water will hit you, driving you backwards. Currents and tides will pull at you, sending you in directions that would be impossible in any normal water. As the water fills your lungs, you will hear the Holder's voice.

He will tell you where your path leads. Every triumph, every loss, every wound, scar, Object and Holder. The waters will crash, one last time. You will feel the rage of the Holder swirling around you, crushing you with the pressure of the waters. "Where do the waters flow?" it will roar, destroying you as the water gushes into your every orifice.

As you reach the final limit, as you are moments from death, it will stop. The Holder's voice will come through, clear as a bell. "The waters flow Home.".

Swim upward. You will see a light. It will become blinding, but keep swimming.

You will emerge in the body of water nearest to your home. In your dominant hand will be the shower head.

This Shower Head is Object 384 of 538. It will cleanse you of all sin. But what are the Objects, if not sinful?

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