The Holder Of The Mist

In any city in any country go to the nearest pond or lake on a cloudy night. Point your finger thrice to the sky and call for the clouds to descend from their perch. If they heed your call, and a mist begins to roll in from the water then remain stationary, if not then quickly jump into the water and stay under until you can hold your breath no more. If you are not killed when you emerge then try again on the next full moon.

However, if the mist does roll in from the water, then consider yourself lucky. Walk slowly forward, do not fear the water, for it shall never touch your feet. As you travel farther into the mists horrible screams will grace your ears. Roars of animals not seen by man will rip through the air, but do not fear, while you walk in the mists none shall touch you. If the mists begin to thin, quickly turn and walk a different direction, for leaving the mists will result in a quick death.

After what seems like hours of wandering, rays of light will begin to pierce the cloudy world. Keep walking until you emerge onto a vast arid desert. There will be a swarthy man with a turban sitting next to a large cactus. This is the Holder Of The Mist. Do not approach him, you must stand in the hot sun without water until a tumble weed blows by. Once that happens you may approach the man.

There is but one question you may ask him, "What happens when they can see no more?"

The man will grunt, and reach inside of his turban to pull out a water-skin. If he drinks from the water-skin then prepare to die slowly from dehydration. However if he hands you the skin, sprinkle a little bit of its contents on the ground and the mists will return. Walk into the mists and do not stop until you are back at the body of water where you started.

This water-skin is object 392 of 538. When you can not see, the only way left is forward.

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