The Holder Of The Office

In any office in any country go into the break room and make two cups of coffee, the second must be made with one quater milk, three tea spoons sugars and one tea spoon coffee. One is for yourself and one for the Holder. Make sure you don't start to drink your coffee before the holder comes.

When a man comes, someone you have never seen before in a white shirt and black pants, and asks you "Two sugars right?" Reply "No, three, like usual." He will then smile and pick up the coffee, drinking it slowly, only now may you drink yours, to do so before hand would have meet your untimely end.

After he sets his mug down ask him this, and only this. "What's going to happen to the department after the merger" He will then tell you, in horrible detail what will happen, during this you must NOT drink your coffee, as dry as your mouth will get, as could as you will feel don't drink for the coffee will burn you from the inside out.

One the man stops talking and sips his coffee again, take a sip of yours and say "Do you have the report I asked for?" If he hands you anything other then a CD drop it and turn away, leaving your office and never come back. If he hands you a CD take it an thank him.

This object it 505 of 538. On it will be the reports of every merger ever attempted, failed or successful from the dawn of time till it's end.

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