The Holder Of What Should Not Be Yet Is

Greetings fool. Your search for these accursed items have brought you thus far. Be grateful to still be living.

If you wish to see me follow my instructions to the last detail. One mistake and you will suffer a fate far worse than any hell could ever offer. Hell is ecstasy compared to what will befall you, should you fail.

If you are brave enough read on. Proceed to the nearest tall bridge on a night with a crescent moon. Stand on the railing, or anywhere close enough to the edge, yell "I wish to hold what I should not be able to!" then hurl yourself headfirst and eyes closed.

If you were wise enough to do everything correctly, you should have hit the water and survived without a scratch or bit of pain. When your submerged underwater open your eyes. Do not dare swim to the surface. My minions are waiting for a meal, and a Seeker such as you will certainly suffice until the next comes.

When you open your eyes you will be in a white room. In the center I will be in a brand new looking robe drawing in black chalk on the walls. What I am drawing is a portrait of the end of everything. If you succeeded with The Holder of The End you know what I mean. If you didn't, well, you will lose all sanity as soon as you see what I draw.

Don't delay, I don't enjoy pests like you Seekers, ask me "Why have they become?"

I will give you the answer in horrific detail, it will be as if you saw, felt,heard, even tasted what I described.

If you kept your sanity close your eyes once more and hold out your left hand. In it I will place the robe I was wearing. Put it on with your eyes still closed. If you so much as squint your eyes open I will send you to a void filled with horrors a human mind should never, ever, know. And you will spend enough eons there to know how long eternity is.

As soon as the robe is on you will hear me say "Existence is a petty thing for all." After you hear me say this open your eyes.

In your left pocket is the black chalk I was using. The chalk is Object 01/2 of 538. With the white chalk that should be but is not, you hold The Objects that cross the lines of existence and nonexistence. Do with them what you feel right.

Do remember, an existence is easily lost and forgotten.

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