The Holder of Academia

In any city, in any country, in late afternoon, go to the elementary school nearest your house. As you enter the front office, speak to the secretary. She should be preparing to leave. If she is not, leave and come back another day. If the time is right, ask to see "The Holder of Academia." She will ask you if you are a relation, and you must respond, "No, I am a student."

The secretary will give you a visitor's pass. On this you must write, "Holder, Academia: Student." She will then take you to a classroom, on the furthest end of the school, on the side of the school opposite the sun. She will open the door for you but she will not follow you in.

Inside there will be a young boy, aged 9, scribbling on a single piece of paper. An old, frayed navy blue bookbag will rest slumped next to his desk. It is one of only two desks in an otherwise empty room. On your desk is a small pocket knife.

Sit in the desk. The boy will continue to pour over his paper. After the sun has set completely, if you wait long enough, the boy will whisper to you without looking up: "I can't figure out the answer to the last question. Do you know?"

Tell him that you are having trouble with the test as well, but that if he lets you hold his paper and see his answers, you'll write the final answer down for him and give it back finished. Then he can go home.

The boy will nod and hand you his test. At the bottom of the paper is the question: "Would you spill blood for your quest?"

Open the pocket knife and cut your index finger, then write your answer in your blood. Then get up from the desk and leave the room, taking the test with you.

The boy cannot go home until he turns in his test.

The finished test is object 478 of 538. The innocent suffer because of your obsession.

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