The Holder of Acceptation

In any city, in any country, go to any abandoned building you can find in the first hours of the morning and ask to see the Holder of Acceptance. Speak politely and in a low tone, as if you were talking to someone right in front of you. If the time is right, everything will go silent and a black bucket with human figures painted on it will appear at the door of the house.

Drink from the bucket, for what is inside will show your fate from now on. If the water inside is sweet, as if full of sugar, you may not leave the area around the abandoned place and you may not enter it. If you do either, what you will experience is beyond human comprehension.

If the bucket if filled with normal water, then you must leave. The Holder does not want to see you and to enter the edifice is to invite death, not to you, but to every single person you ever talked to.

However, if what is inside the bucket is the most horrible thing that ever touched your mouth, something that cannot be described on its terrible nature, a mixture of every single one of the disgusting things of this world and beyond,you can enter the place. Drink all of the content of the bucket, even if it burns your throat and makes you want to take your tongue off and only after you do so you are safe enter the building.

What is inside may vary slightly from person to person, but is essentially a long stairway that leads straight down. There are pictures or windows in the walls that will always portray the most terrifying moments of your life, twisting them into terrific scenes. A few may also see creaks on the walls showing the same thing. You may look and touch the pictures, but if your mind is weak, you may start crying or try to turn back and this something you should not do while in this place.

At all times, make sure you can hear the sounds of children crying, screaming and sobbing in pain, if this sound ever stops, your only hope is to lay on the floor and pretend to be asleep. If the sound returns, do not move, instead, fall asleep there, if you don't, the Holder will know you were pretending and you will never find an end to the corridor.

If instead you start hearing the laugh of a man, abandon all hope, for the Holder has sent his worse torture upon you.
Once you reach the end of the corridor and there are no more steps in the staircase, you will see a sliding glass door. Open it as silently as you can, you do not want to interrupt.

You will find yourself in a pitch black room and in the middle of the room, you will a child being raped by a big person. Ignore the child, do not feel sorry or try to help, otherwise his fate will be yours. Stare into the nothingness and ignore all sounds, the man will not answer any other question other than "Who will pay the price for their doings?"

He will immediately stop what he was doing and simply lay down, crushing the child below. He will not answer. Repeat the same question until he moves and is standing in front of you. He will then start saying a list of names and at each, you will see the fate of the person he says, the tortures they endured and accepted in the name of others, their pathetic lives, their stories and their deaths. You must not cry or show compassion, if you do, you will be killed instantly.

At the end of his list, if you managed to stay cold and emotionless, he will smile and point to the almost dead child in the floor, saying "The one you look for is there" before giving you a golden knife.

The child, and not the person that gave you the knife is the Holder. Use the knife to rip open the child's chest. You will find a small box inside, take it and both the knife and the person who gave you it will be gone.

You must now simply sing a song, as if to put the child to rest. If it does not like the song, you will taken to a place of nothingness, forever to hear your own song distorted into a demonic chant while you feel the same pain of the Holder until you go mad. If he is pleased, your song will echo like the sweetest lullaby to ease even the worse pain and you will fall asleep to wake up back in your home, the box still in your hand.

Inside of the box there is a leash, use it on any creature and it will, from there on, want give its own life to avoid seeing you in pain. If it ever dies, thought, you will perish with it.

The leash is Object 305 of 538. For the sake of the happiness of some, many have to accept all of the pain of the world.

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