The Holder of Ancient Dead

It would be wise to bring one of the weapons with you such as the White King's Sword or the Crystal Spear, however any weapon object will do.

To seek this object go to any body of water connected to an ocean in the middle of a storm. Once there look for a small boat that has a grizzled old man with a hammer and oar guiding it. When you approach it several disfigured looking people will be on it. Only focus on the grizzled man with the hammer and oar. Say to him, "I wish to see the Holder of Ancient Dead". He will answer with "You shouldn't call him that," and motion for you to get on board. Once on board the boat do not let any of the being on there touch you, stab them with the object you brought if you must. Beware, if they touch you your trip to Hades will be one you will not return from.

After a long while you will cross through a marsh with numerous white rotting hands reaching out toward you. As with the people on the boat, don't let them even touch you or the rest of eternity you will spend in those marshes.

Upon reaching the shore you will be faced by a massive 3 headed dog. Face the beast and shout with authority, "I wish to see your master!" If the dog doesn't back down you must kill him that instant or he will rip you into pieces. If you are lucky and commanding enough, he will back down and you'll be able to pass him.

Then a strange thing will happen, you will suddenly find yourself in a bright green field with a small palace in the distance. You will see people laughing and enjoying themselves. Walk to the palace, you may interact with these people but do not allow yourself to be distracted and eat none of their food, these people are here for all eternity and will easily waste away your entire life talking about philosophy, sex, and other joys of their life until you join them.

Once you reach the palace begin walking in the direction away from where you started and towards the sun. The more you walk, the more the sun will set until it is darker than the blackest nights. You will then see that the field has turned into a craggy wasteland with black castle off in the distance. You will see many people around you, some suffering more than others but let none of your senses lock on to them, or your return will be much more perilous.

Once at the castle you may again confront the 3-Headed dog. Shout again that wish to see it's master. If it refuses to back down, try to kill it with all of your strength. Once you have passed, you must find your way to the main chamber. As you approach the main chamber of the castle you will see blue-fires burning all around you in the hallway. Never slow you pace to the chamber, this Holder has been watching since you stepped on the boat and will know your weaknesses by now.

Once in the main chamber kneel with your head bowed 6 paces in front of the holder's throne. Say with much passion, "Hail to you Guardian of the Underworld. What caused the death of the ancient ones?" His cold, dispassionate voice will chill you to the bone as he orders you to rise and look into his eyes. As you lock eyes with him you will see the deaths of the old world. Every legend and their demise of antiquity and how the 2538 come into play will be shown to you in your head. Should you survive the retelling of this horror, the Holder will look down at the ground and mention something of how very few can survive the truth. He will remove his helmet and toss at your feet. "You must ask my brother of the Sky if you wish to end our tale. That helmet will render you invisible to most people."

The Helmet is 331 of 538. Even Gods could not contain their power.

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