The Holder of Atonement

Listen carefully, for if you are to seek this Object you will need to follow my every instruction.

In any country of our world there can be found a vast area of deep seclusion. It is one that many avoid at all costs, and one that you must find. Be it forest, cave, desert or mountain, you must find it should you seek this Object.

Wander... Roam... Stray from the path, for you must be completely and utterly lost to locate this Holder. Once you have done so, kneel and do not move. At precisely 3:00 AM, it will begin. Whatever light bathes the area around you will disappear instantaneously. Absolutely do not show any alarm.

Words will fill the air. They will start as whispers, as faint as a mouse, but they will build to a roar, almost louder than you can stand. It will be sickening to listen to. Do not close your eyes. Do not move. Do not speak. Only listen. You are being watched.

What you hear will be a grueling recount of every sin, every transgression, and every crime that has ever been committed since the beginning of humanity. It will take days to listen to. It will be maddening. It will be deafening. It will crush your heart. But if you endure... if you are not driven to insanity... if you do not perish of hunger or thirst, you will be granted an audience.

A creature, neither human nor animal, will creep from the darkness, crawling on all fours, gargling. Stare at the ground. Do not look at Its face. It will surround you, circling multiple times, staring. It will sniff you. It will lick you. It will feel you. You must not speak or move.

Eventually, It will stand before you. Stare only at Its feet. Silence will descend for what seems like an eternity and then It will scream at you. It will yell accusations, It will scream profanities, It will curse you and blame you and make you feel an absolute despair. It will hold you accountable.

Do not listen.

As quickly as you can once It begins, repeat these three statements five times as quickly as possible and with complete sincerity:

"I apologize on my behalf. I apologize on our behalf. I apologize for everything."

If It does not kill you before you finish, you must not hesitate. Follow with this question:

"What may I do to atone?"

A deafening pause will ensue. Do not be tempted to look at It. Do not be tempted to move. If It touches you, do not flinch. It waits for weakness.

After some time, you will notice a pure white feather, glowing as brightly as the evening star, fall before your knees.

The creature will spit on you, saying, "Guard it. He must never reclaim it."

Take the feather as promptly as you can. You will feel unconditional purity. You will feel free of sin. But you will also feel an unbearable numbness... For when you take a feather from the Wing of an Angel, your soul will forsake you. You will become nothing more than a hollow shell... a ghost with a body.

The creature will leave as quietly as It arrived. Continue looking at the ground. Only when the daylight returns will you know it is safe to run. Do not stop running unless only to satisfy the most basic of needs, for the feather you now guard is Object 2,537 of 2,538. It is Legion's most prized possession. It is his pride. It is his greed. And he will be coming for it.

He must never reclaim it.

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