The Holder of Awakening

Any day there is a strong gale of wind, go into any modern temple. You will find that there is no one in the building. Shout out that you have come for awakening. If the wind just continues, you will realise in a jolt that you are trapped in a in a bloodied padded room, what this padding is you will be utterly unsure, till a sharp bell ring will hit you into one of the dripping walls, only then you come to the full realization of what it is and where you are. Your senses will cut as if on pause, leaving you with the sight of this room forever driving you forever into madness, thus the cause of you never leaving this room.

However if the gale of wind pauses before resuming its sharpened breeze you will notice a door leading to what appears to be a courtyard which you hadn't noticed could possibly ever be attached to this building before. While you enter the courtyard, you will happen to notice it seems a dusty place with many items which feel familiar to you however still there being nothing of life.

Once inside the courtyard, a feeling as if everything had been blurred will overcome you, leaving you insecure and fatigued. The wind itself will shoot towards you. As if it was knifes slicing at your skin. Each slice from the bladed wind will tear at you, showing, telling and allowing you to feel your worst mistakes and embarrassments in full force. For every time you feel any inch of regret the blades act if real and cause you to slowly bleed yourself out. However If you are able to come out from this alive the wind will calm. The gentle breeze of the newly calmed wind will flow past you.

Brushing past your ears, you will hear and in a flash moment know of a key chance, a choice that could have been made for you to live in utter bliss.
The wind swerves round your ears again, you will hear it offer you to change the choice you did make for what could have been. If you greet the words with joy and acceptance, you will flash through your new life, ultimately ending at this point in time despite what should have. The edited life caves in on itself within a single day, leaving only your voice. Only then you truly realise the wind was your own voice all along.
Forcing you to continue on as the Holder of Awakening.

Thus you shouldn't accept, simply refuse with the reply of “I stand by my choices with no regrets!”.
The wind will halt soon after, as you lack the feel the wind your senses will at a sudden heighten. You will then soon notice what the Holder had to give you, was in front of you all along. On the ground you will find a beat up pocket watch, stopped exactly at the time you made your choice alongside an equally beat up pencil eraser.

One of what you have been gained is object #1230 out of 2538. Only realising the true value by discarding the false, shows your own potential.

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