The Holder of Bliss

There are many places to find this one. Most likely somewhere in Central America Once there, find any old looking hotel.
Ask the man or woman at the front desk if you can see the Holder of Bliss. The person will have a confused look on their face. If so, then ask again, one of two things will happen now. If they are still confused then say never mind and ask to see the manager. once in the manager's office, ask again. May I see the Holder of Bliss? If they are still confused then move on to the next hotel. But, if their face turns a pale and a frown appears, then you know you are in the right place.
The person will then ask you to follow them to a place at the back of the hotel. soon after entering a room at the back, you should start to hear a faint whispering in a language you have never heard. The person will either ask you to stop and wait while he or her informs the Holder of your presence or keep walking past the source of the noise. If indeed you are still walking, RUN, RUN and NEVER, NEVER turn back. Don't even stop to look.
Then by now the sound should have stopped. But if you have stopped and are still waiting, after five minutes and the person still has not come back, enter the red door with the slightly scratched at paint. Stop right where you are and wait until the noise continues in your head and an appealing sensation comes upon you. Once this feeling has began, ask in a low voice "when are you happy?" The first time you ask you will feel a chill, now ask again "when are you happy?" then a low demonic voice will reply with "when I can see the look on peoples faces after I take their lives." After hearing this, do not be scared by his comment. Then wait for some time
after ten seconds of silence, do not move. if you do move he will kill you in a second. If you don't move he will stare into your eyes, then you will be hypnotized and brought into a white room with no windows or doors but a ceiling that seems to go up for forever. There in the middle of the room is a small rock shaped elastic ball that will bounce.
Take the ball and bounce it as hard as possible and if it reaches the top the you are lucky. You are now the Holder, This is Item 539 of 539, Be careful of where you put it.

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