The Holder of Bloodlust

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. There, at the front desk, ask for the "Holder of Bloodlust." The worker will turn as white as a sheet, and lead you to a door. The door itself looks normal, except for a small bloodstain at the bottom. Enter the door and you will be on the most hellish battlefield in ever conceived by man or god.

The ground will be littered with decaying corpses and blood will run thick and deep. Nearby, there should be a large object with 3 soldiers huddled behind it. They will ignore you unless you ask them, “Why must there be bloodshed?” At that moment, the soldiers will fall down, dead, and a hoarse voice will call your name from behind you.

Turn around, and you will see a man. He will be bleeding from several wounds in his body, and holding a large, twin bladed battle-axe. Ask him about the battle, and he will recant the destruction caused by the Objects brought together. Ask him for the Object, and he will laugh at you. Ask him once more, he will call you a fool and swing the axe into a chunk of stone. He will then depart, and you must remove the axe. If you do not remove it quickly enough, he will turn around, and slaughter you in the most horrifying way possible. However, if you remove it, he will turn and say, “My bloodlust is sated; yours has just begun.” at that moment, you will appear outside the mental hospital holding the bloodied axe.

This is Object 299 out of 538. When they are brought together, there will be blood.

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