The Holder of Chu

In any city--No wait, he's in Ruckersville, Virginia, USA.

Go to any mental institution--Actually scratch that, he still lives with his parents. Thought it may be a good idea to check an asylum anyway, since he may be there by now.

Bring a jar of pickles, or wear a pickle costume. me. It'll help.

Knock on the door. If you're lucky, the Holder himself may answer the door. You'll know by the combined force of the medallion and the stench.

If you're a woman, then you are especially brave for undertaking this task, because he WILL try to molest you. Keep your guard up.

Then again, he'll probably try to do the same thing if you're a man -- he's bisexual -- so you should still keep your guard up. This is where the pickle costume comes in.

Either way, though it goes against your every moral and survival instinct, flirt with him. Shamelessly. Flirt with the Holder until he can't resist you. The idea is to get *his* guard down.

If you can't sweet talk him into handing over his medallion, brute force is fine too.

The yellow medallion is 1 of over 9000. However, your quest is not over.

There is a pink and a black medallion too. Only when you have destroyed all of them can you say that you have completed this task.

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