The Holder of Completion

If you do not have at least 1999 Objects by this point in your journey, Seeker, you must not attempt to meet with this Holder. For the sake of completion, it is best if you carry all 2537 of the other Objects; however, having proof of their forms being sealed into a piece of glass will do, as long as you can truthfully say that you have collected them all.

Visit any of the realms generated by the Objects you possess. If you choose a random previous Holder's realm, that will make it easier, but if there is a Holder you are fond of, by all means visit that one's domain.

If there is nobody there, don't worry; since you have conquered them all, there are no horrors for you to witness, so simply choose another one.

After searching through several of their former domains, there will eventually be one with a man inside. This is the Holder of Completion. With absolutely no hesitation, produce one of three; either the Piece of Glass, reveal where The Diamond is buried, or preferably show him the first Object, and ask him: "Does it end the same way?"

If you brought the Piece of Glass, he will look at it, see a flash of light and get his eyes burned. The very few known Seekers who ever reported making it this far have advised me to tell you that if this happens, you must kill the man while he is stunned, and cut open his body to remove the Object.

If you showed him your chest he will press his ear against your stomach and ready a knife. He will cut open either you or him, depending on your destiny.

Only if you produce the first object is there any guarantee that he will hand over his. He may or may not look at it, but if he doesn't, he will reach somewhere, beg you to "put that thing away" and hand you a hollow red glass ball. If he does look at it, his body will turn to dust and the ball will be floating in the air where he once was.

It is unknown what happens if you produce any other Object. The only known Seekers used these alone.

The red glass sphere is Object 2536 of 2538. Although it is razor-thin and very fragile, it is the only way to hold them all together.

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