The Holder of Compulsion

In any city, in any country, go to any outdoors park. Make sure to bring some sort of children's food with you- whether it be candy, potato chips or cookies, it doesn't matter. Search the park until you find any little girl and coo sweetly to her, "Sweet tiny girl, I've you brought your snack." If in the prescence of their parents, they will probably escort their child away from you- calling you a few nasty names as well, but if all goes correctly, you'll feel a tug from behind.

Turning around, you will see the plumpest, roundest little girl you have ever seen. Her pudgy, fat cheeks will balloon out of her face in rosy hues and her frilly lavender dress looks as though it's been stretched over a beach ball. She'll be frowning, arms crossed angrily (how she does that over her wide girth you will never know) as she stamps her feet in frustration. She'll cry to you, "But I deserve the snack! Not her! I'M the better kid! Not her!!" You've seen this countless times. She's throwing a temper tantrum. It is crucial that you bend to her whims, though. Despite the burning sensation to give this child a spanking, you must hand over your food to her. Even the slightest raise of your voice or look of hostility will cause her to call for her parents- and you do not wish to meet the things that raised this brat. Not at all.

Once you hand over your food, she'll wolf it down and wipe her mouth. What comes next will be decided on whether or not she's found your food to her satisfactory; if she smiles and pats her stomach, run for your life. Push her to the ground and just run. Run and run as fast as your legs can carry you, for the child is feeling hungry for something different today...something human.

If she turns a sour face and pouts, you are safe for now. "I'm still hungry," she'll whine as she grabs your hand, "let's go to my place for a tea party!"

She will lead you past the park and into the woods. Eventually you will lose sight of the park all together, and instead will see a bright house in the clearing. It is two stories high, and is painted in sunny, cheerful colors; you can hear laughter and the sound of a television inside. It's a familiy's home. She will lead you through the door and into the kitchen. Letting go of your hand, she'll stamp her feet and command, "I'll make the tea and cakes. Don't you leave this spot!" When she turns her back on you and walks into the kitchen, silently move away. If she hears you leaving and disregarding her authority, then the punishment will be terrifying beyond human understanding.

Explore the house and walk up the stairs to the second floor; you may examine the rooms as you wish, for they're the last time you'll see them in this much detail asides from inside of your nightmares. As you walk down the halls, peek into the rooms as you pass them. The first room closest to the stairs is that of a small boy; he's lying on his stomach with his back to the door as he burns ants to death with a magnifying glass. Should he turn around to face you, accept your fate with dignity. It wouldn't be fun if another of his victims pleaded for their lives.

The second room will be that of an older teenage boy. He will be sitting on his bed, smiling and flirting with a girl over the phone- the walls of his room are covered with photographs and posters of women. When he catches you watching (which he inevitably will) he'll glare at you and slam the door shut in your face.

The last room, farthest from the stairs, has its door closed. You can hear weeping from inside of it. There is a mirror hanging in the hallway halfway between you and the closed door. However, before you can reach the room, you'll hear a terrible screech from downstairs. The little girl has come back with her sweets to find that you had not waited as you were told. Pry the mirror off of the wall with all the strength you possess; the Holder does not want you to save her- she wants to wallow in her misery. But do all you can to pry that mirror off of the wall, for if you don't, you shall suffer a horrendous consequence involving sharp, gnashing teeth and concious digestion. When you finally pull it off of the wall (I have faith in you that you will succeed) sprint to the top of the staircase as fast as you can and heave it over the bannister. There will be a thunderous crash as it shatters into a million pieces. Glance over the edge of the staircase- but don't step even one step down. The little girl is at the bottom, except that she has changed into a creation of gluttony and flesh. It is hard to decipher that she even still resembles a human despite the large mouth of twisted, razor-like teeth spitting curses at you through a mouthful of blood in a language unheard by human ears. The mirror is sticking out of her in numrous, painful-looking pieces.

Flee down the hall for the last room, as you can hear it recovering from its injuries. As you run, you notice all the rooms you had observed before- the small boy is no longer burning ants. Instead, he is flaying the flesh off of human skulls with a butterknife as he sorts through the many body parts scattered about his room. Despite the door being closed for the second room, the screams and hearty moans coming from inside of it hint at every logical chance of someone getting raped. Do not stop for anything; fling yourself at the last door. If she finds you worthy of her burden, it will fling open with unexpected force. If it stays closed despite your efforts to open it, you can choose your own torture: the small boy, the little girl or the teenager. All of them are horrific.

If it flings open, run into the room and slam the door behind you, locking every lock on the door and pushing something heavy in front of it for good measure. In the center of the room, scrubbing hopelessly at the floor boards with a brush, will be a young woman. She hardly resembles anything of youth; she is bone-thin, and the black hair peeking out from the hairnet on top of her head is graying from stress. A pair of yellow gloves are pulled up to her elbows as she scrubs feverishly at the floor boards with a soapy brush, a bucket of grimy water has been placed next to her. There's an apron around her waist. As she scrubs back and forth, you can hear her muttering under her breath in obsessive wheezing, "It won't come off, it won't come off, it won't come off," The words all blend into one chant as she scrubs harder and harder. She is the oldest daughter; siblings to a compulsive eater, killer and rapist. Approach her soundly, mindful that you don't attract any dirt or grime lest she scrub your skin off with her wire brush, and kneel by her as she ignores you in favor of her cleaning.

You'll see the door rock as some unknown force heaves itself against it from the corner of your eye, but don't gasp or scream. There'll be shouts and screams from the other side of the door as it rocks on its hinges, but keep calm. Whisper to the woman cleaning, "Is it really that hard to just ignore your compulsions?" At the sound of your voice, she'll break out of her trance and stop brushing. Her eyes are wide with fear and guilt. As she tells you the answer in a hushed voice, she'll be on the verge of crying. Her answer is long and winded, and it doesn't help that she takes the time to sob in between her sentences. Every minute she spends talking, you can see the door becoming weaker and weaker until a grotesquely misshapen arm finally forces itself through a crack in the door. You'll see to your horror that it's reaching for the locks.

Despite your fear and anxiety, turn your attention back to the woman. She'll have noticed that your attention has been fluttering to the door, and she is not happy about it. "You're just like all the others!" she'll cry in self-pity as she grabs the bucket of grimy water from her other side. It need not matter now- you've received your prize, and there is nothing else she can give. She'll slap the grimy, decayed water into your face, and be sure to close your eyes and cover your face when she does so. This stuff burns.

When you open your eyes, you'll be seated on a bench in the park. In your hands will be a flimsy old dish cloth. The dish cloth is Object 253 of 538. It can clean away anything you wish whether it be guilt, blood or otherwise. However, it can't clean away the burdon you'll have to carry for it.

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