The Holder of Currency

In any city, in any country, go to any local bank. Make sure to bring a photograph of someone you love dearly. You have to love them greatly otherwise this will not work. Ask the person behind the counter to see one who calls himself “The Holder of currency” The will ask for cash or credit. Respond by saying “Cash” If you wish to back out then say “Credit” but be warned, you will live the rest of your life in severe debt.

If the person behind the counter holds out there hand, take it. They will lead you to the vault. However if they do not then, well, there is no “then.” Inside the vault you will find every kind of currency that has ever existed or will ever exist.

You will be greatly desire to take this money. Resist however for if you do, the money will disappear and you will be left to rot in the sealed vault for all eternity. If you managed to resist your desire then you will be greeted by a man in a black business suit. He will be smiling widely and you will notice each of his teeth is made of a different precious metal.

You may ask only one question. “How much am I worth?” He will describe in great detail what a soul is made of and what each human life is worth. You must then show him the picture you brought as a sacrifice. He will take the soul of your loved one and they will die before you will ever see them again.

You must then bow in respect. Do not straiten your back as it would be suicide to look upon the man now. You will feel him put something into your pocket. Without breaking your bow, back towards the entrance where you entered.

Should the door be closed then you are doomed. If it is open then you are free to leave. Look in your pocket and take out the coin. This coin will look like the most common coin from whatever country you are currently in.

This is one of Legions objects. You will no longer need to buy things as they will all become free to you. Try not to lose it among the regular coins.

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