The Holder of Dark Paths

To receive this Object, you must visit an abandoned mental asylum. Once inside, venture down the hallways, until you reach a rusted door that is bolted shut. Don't even think about opening it, for if you do, it will spell your doom.

You will be given five minutes to pray to your god that you believe in, then be devoured by the mouth of Hell itself.

Instead, wait for at least three minutes, after which you will hear the groans of a tortured man. The bolts will have dissipated, allowing you to enter.

Inside, a man will be on a stretching rack. No matter how pitiful or horrific his screams are, do NOT help him. If you do, he will overpower you and place you on the rack. Look beyond him and a large file will be sitting on a desk. Pick it up and run outside. Wait this time six minutes. The shrieks of a woman will emerge. Enter and the man will be replaced by a woman in an iron maiden slowly being closed. Again, ignore her. Behind her on the desk will be a pair of scissors. Take it and walk outside. Finally, wait nine minutes, and the howls of a child will appear. Inside, a small boy will be on the table with sharp barbed wire driven into his eyes. Ignore him, for he is beyond your help, like the other two. You cannot kill him out of mercy, as he is a memory of a patient. This time, a key will be embedded in his right eye. Yank it out, and behind you, a large door will erupt out of the ground. Walk into it.

After being enveloped by a flash of light, you will be in a bloody rusted room. On your left will be the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. If you are a girl, it is vice versa, with the figure being a man. On your right will be the most hideous being to enter your mind, again, if you are a female, it will be a man. The pure one on the left has delicate wings growing from his/her back, while the demonic one will have rust encrusted bloody wings of iron forcibly grafted onto his/her shoulders. Both will be chained to a monolith in the center, opposite each other. You must help set free the demonic one ONLY. Do NOT free the pure being, who is a mere deception. Use the file to saw through the chains. Next, use the scissors to cut the wires. Finally, unlock a lock with the key.

The pure one will howl if you free the demonic one, and proceed to attack you with sharp claws. The demonic one will block it, then slice the pure one apart with its wings. Once the pure one's deception is slain, ask the demonic one, who will transform into the pure one, being the true pure one. Ask the person, "Who do they seek? Which must they fear most?" He/she will sigh, and begin a story of those who opposed the Objects and the corrupted Seekers.

And they succeeded.

However, they were quickly put to a stop by a supernatural force, possibly the creator of the Objects.

When he/she is finished, he/she will kiss you on the mouth, and after that, will present you with a set of bronze scales.

You will be whisked back to your home, with the scales in hand.

The Bronze Scales are object 1998 of 2538. It exists to remind you not to be careless when balancing out good and evil, right and wrong, or truth and lies.

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