The Holder of Death

This Holder is the easiest to find, but there is no way to you won´t loose anything. Look for any church, chapel or temple in any country or city. Be on your knees and speak this prayer to the Holder:

Come to me and break this chains,
Lend me your gift and give me a chance
to change what past, to change what remains.

I now call you unpon the ages as soldier.
Bless me with your strenght and wisdom,
show yourself Holder.

You really need to show faith when you call the Holder, or else other things can hear you and they wont bring you anything but a painful death.
After you finish the pray, if you do it in a correct way, a priest will appear. He´ll sit right in front of you and put a blade, a book and a feather in his lap. This three things are the Holder´s gifts. He will make you choose between the three object.
The blade is the only object that can kill a holder, the book have all the secrets of the holders and the feather heals any injurie, but death.
He´ll only asks you one thing, and you need to accept or feel the blade slices your entire body. He´ll demand a promise, a sacrifice that will haunt you for the rest of your life. The Holder could ask your soul, a memory, even someone of your family´s life. Sounds simple, but he would make in a way you never forget. And you die, tormented by this sacrifice, he´ll get he´s gift back.

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