The Holder of Defeat

In any town or city, go to a sporting event and watch the event. Whatever the event, you must watch it in it's entirety. When the event has concluded, go to a participant who came in last place, and ask him to introduce you to "The Holder of Defeat".

He will look utterly defeated by your request, and will take you to his changing room. This is your last chance to flea. He will then leave, while you must stay. Once the athlete's footsteps fade, there will be a personal trainer there standing behind you. She will tell you that your event is about to begin and you must hurry to the field.

Once you leave the changing room you will be in the center of a large stadium with your doppelganger standing beside you. You will both be instructed to begin a myriad of athletic events, from swimming, to boxing, to the javelin throw. You will be overcome by the need to win each event and defeat your opponent. Be wary, for you must let your adversary be victorious in each event. Each time you lose your will to win will become stronger, coupled with an a crushing depression each time you lose, all the while your opponent and the audience filling the stands will mock you for your uselesness and incompetence.

You must be vigilant, don't allow the building lust for victory or the suicidal depression filling your mind to cloud your judgement. Soon your opponent will ask "Why don't you give up?" or the audience will start to chant "Give up". When this happens, you must stop the event you are in, and travel to the umpire and ask "What is the reward for victory?". Should you do this too early, you will suffer at your opponent's hands, tormented by his victory. If you do this too late, you will continue the curcuit of events for all eternity as your body grows old, tired and weary. Never to rest, even as your withered muscles fall from your bones.

However, if your triumph is well timed, a golden medal of victory shall be draped around your neck. It's power would corrupt your mind, and would forever imbue the need to defeat others in your mind. Should you loose, your mind would be broken, driven to kill the one who bested you.

Your defeat, however, is final. The Object of Defeat has already been claimed by the creature known as Legion. Know this, instead of empowering you, it now fuels his insane determination to bring together all the objects of 2538.

The Medallion is object 1066. Victory in his quest could mean defeat for all.

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