The Holder of Demons

In any School, In any country of the world. Find the nearest closet in that School as close to possible to you. When you reach the closet door, it will be locked. Find the keys to the locked closet door. They will be in that school (Maybe with the janitor). Find the janitor and ask him "I wish to seek out The Holder of Demons." He will nod his head and say no. Keep asking him and he will say no. This is where your quest begins. Act like your walking away and leave the school, but come back at night and the keys should be on the key rack. Find the key that's red with black crystals on it. When you find it, go to the closet you were at before. Now, unlock the door. Do not open it though. Because since you unlocked the door with that key, you have began your quest. Their's no going back now. If you open the door, you will see a gigantic creature and it will attack you and eat you. Before you open it, knock on the door 5 times with your right hand and 5 times with your left and then utter the words "I kneel before you, my king." Now open the door. And you have just uncovered the gateway to hell.

You will see demons, monsters, the evil dead army of satan, and of course the...Hell's gate keeper...The Holder of Demons. DO NOT MAKE A SINGLE STEP! First, utter the words "I seek out you, my Holder." The black shadowy scaly holder will turn and look into your eyes and pull you with his levitating powers right to him and look into your eyes and say "You are very wise to come here, my seeker. And so i will grant you with the power you seek." Say "What do i have to do to achieve this power, my master." He will say "Follow the way of the sin, follow the devil, become the devil, shape the world in your evil image, my child. From now on my child, you follow the way of the devil. Become what you were meant to be. Become the assassin of death. If anyone gets in your way. Do everything you can to get them out." Now you have a choice, if you don't say "Yes, i will, my master." You will obtain the object which i will tell you in awhile. If you say "No, i wanted to object, but if i must do this, i say no." He will let you go if you say no. BUT. Demons will follow you your whole life and you will earn a place in hell in the lower dungeons of death. The object you will receive if you say yes is known as the death crystal. The holder will put in your hand a crystal that is burning hot and has a glowing red color inside it. Grasp it, tightly and the holder will place his left hand on your forehead. He will utter words in a unknown language and then place his right hand on your heart and the burning crystal will burn all throughout your body. Your heart, hands, and forehead will have a the devils mark on them. You have become the devils assassin of death. The devils son. The anti-christ. The crystal has melted and is now inside you.

This is object 666 of 538. The devils crystal is now inside you. You are the rain of evil now. You are now the devils son. You are now...The anti-christ. Good luck taking over the world...My son...

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