The Holder of Desolation

Unlike all the other quests, you must pledge yourself to the quest to seek the Holder of Desolation. To pledge yourself, you must first separate your soul from your body. There are very limited ways of separating your soul from your body without killing yourself and harming the soul in some way; the way I'm about to tell you will be the most reliable way of doing so:
First you must clear your mind of anything in the physical world; including "God", thoughts and feelings.
When you have successfully cleared your mind, it is time to perform the ritual; if your mind wanders any time during the ritual, your soul will refuse to leave your body and therefore the ritual will fail. The first step of the ritual is that you must have the blood of another human, any amount would do. It is advised not to use the blood of somebody close to you because if the ritual is successful it will also result in their death; their soul will be ripped from their body to use as a sacrifice but the fate of their soul will be left for judgement. You must mix the blood with powered lead and yew sap to make a thick paste. Put some of the paste into your mouth but don't consume it or even swallow you saliva or else you will die from the poison. Add your own blood to the mixture as a symbol of your dedication for the quest, the blood will contain a fragment of your soul which is drawn out by the yew sap. Dab the rest of the mixture on your body and swallow the paste inside your mouth. You will pass out directly after, not even noticing the pain as you hit the floor.

Now that your have separated your soul from your body, there is no going back until you have completely the quest you have pledged yourself towards. To find the Holder of Desolation is a quest which requires only yourself; attempt to communicate to others and your soul will be destroyed, you conscience shattered into nothingness. Nobody in the physical realm may help you or even see you because you are nothing but a wandering spirit, undetectable to mortal's eyes. To start your first step to seek the Holder you must enter a place of worship of any sort. Within the place of worship you must find a sign which is worshipped. Lay your hand upon the object and do not move from the spot where your are. You will at first hear a very faint white noise as the noise from the physical realm slowly fade into nothingness and the world shatters into a tiny fragments. Do not worry as this just means that your have fully let the physical realm but the physical realm itself is not harmed.

There is no room where the Holder of Desolation resides, just darkness. The shadows leapt at you, attacking you with pure malevolence and hatred. Do not show any sign of fear or pain or else you will be consumed by them and you, yourself will be lost amongst the shadows too, fighting back against the shadows is also not recommended as you will not be able to lay a hit on them and this will just anger them into tearing your soul to shreds. Just as you had not left the spot in the place of worship, do not move from the spot you stand on. How ever hard the shadows attack you, do not try running away or escaping from them because the spot you stand on is the only place which is not darkness in this realm. Do not fret as the Holder will come to you. There are many shifting voices in this realm, each one seems to speak one at a time. They will tell stories of their pain and sufferings, concentrating on listening to them and you will be driven into insanity and in your soul form, this will destroy you conscience.

A blinding white light will vanquish all the shadows and the Holder of Desolation will appear before you. She takes form as a young girl about the age of 8; she wears an immaculately designed dress but it is tattered, her pale white skin is perfect and bears no scars and her hair is long and dishevelled. Her face contain no eyes or a nose, just a mouth which the lips are sewn together. In her arms she clutched a brown book with undecipherable inscriptions upon the cover which seemed to glow and eerie green. Stare at the girl's face and your sanity will be lost. She will not react to anything; you yourself cannot speak due to the quest requirements but she will know what you seek. She will hold out her hand towards your head and answer all the questions you may need to ask her. None of the answers are in words but in horrific pictures and flashes of messages flowing through your mind, each picture full of malevolence and destruction in such detail that they seem to happen in reality. You must have a strong mind or else you will be destroyed by the answers, this is where you must free your mind of thoughts and relax your mind. If you survive the answers then she will open the book. Look inside the book and you will be destroyed completely. A green muscular demon with a hollow chest will emerge from the book at pounce at you, torturing you, invoking you to give in and perish. To stop the demon you must reach into the hollow chest and crush the dark heart of the demon. You must act swiftly as every blow of the demon will desolate your soul. Upon the demon's defeat, the girl will emit on last scream, and fade into nothingness but leaving the book behind. You cannot open the book as it is sealed and if you succeed opening the book, it would cause complete and utter desolation, causing everything to be destroyed. You will soon feel your soul being forced back into your body but in your arms you still hold the book of Desolation.

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