The Holder of Disillusion

In any city, in any country, make your way to the nearest residential area and knock on the door of a house. Not just any house; the one that calls. You will know it is the right one because when you step onto the threshold you will feel the strongest sense of foreboding you will ever know. By all accounts the home is warm and inviting except for the feeling it brews deep down inside of you, as though your worst nightmares are waiting to answer your knock. Instead, a woman with greying hair will answer the door. Tell her you wish to see "The Holder of Disillusion", and the woman will shut the door in your face.

If you leave, you will never be welcome in the home again, and will incur the wrath of the Holder within. All you can do is accept that the tortures you now face will be nothing compared to any story you have heard from the other Holders. Knock again and repeat that you wish to see the Holder. Eventually you will wear her down and she will grant you entrance into the house. When you enter, take note of EVERYTHING you experience, for it will fade the moment you are in the presence of this particular Holder.

The woman will lead you down the corridor next to the sitting room, but it will appear as though you are both walking in place. Keep calm; the Holder of Disillusion does not bode well with those who are startled by their surroundings. As you walk behind her, you will grow shorter and younger the closer you are to the Holder. The same will happen with your guide, as you see her hair slowly turns from grey to red and her wrinkles begin to disappear. Your legs will tire and you will have to jog and eventually run to keep pace with your guide. Again, stay calm, and whatever you do, don't stop running until you see darkness begin to surround you and your guide fades into the oncoming oblivion. At this point, it will be natural to call out for the woman as though she were your mother. Whether you fight the urge or give in to it is of little consequence, for the Holder of Disillusion will hold conference with you either way.

When the darkness completely consumes you and you have physically regressed to the age of five, the Holder will make itself known. Its form is disgusting to behold, but you must choke back any vomit and set your eyes on it as it illuminates the area around it. As it does, the guide will reappear and you will see every fault and flaw within the woman's face. You will be party to every imperfection in the Holder's presence. From the termite holes in the wood to the cobwebs and cracks on the ceiling, each tiny stain or blemish that mars the world will be magnified and bore its way into your brain. You must stand resolute, for if the Holder of Disillusion sees you sickened at the crumbling of the facade it will envelop you in its needling embrace and project the reality of all life onto your skin. You will be the embodiment of deformity and you will no longer be able to indulge in the fantasy of your ideal self. Instead, stare directly into the maelstrom that is the Holder of Disillusion and scream at it "Why seek perfection above all else?"

When you do this, the Holder will speak in old eldritch tongues that you will be both capable and incapable of understanding. Your ears will not know the words, but your brain will put together images of the most horrific acts known to any creature. The Holder's Answer will become clear. The moment your mind grasps the answer, your eyes will close unwillingly and when you finally manage to open them you will be yourself, at your actual age, standing once again outside of the door you knocked at. The home will no longer be inviting, and you will never again be able to see the warm, friendly setting there once was. If you open the door, there will be rubble scattered about and the bone of a child's finger on the floor just beyond the entrance.

The finger bone is Object 560 of 2538. Do not forget what lies beneath the patina of perfection.

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