The Holder of Doctor Octagonapus

In any internet forum or website, ask to chat with somebody called "The Holder of Doctor Octagonapus." If there's a message that says BLAHHH then you are doomed to be destroyed by a lazer, no matter how much you run.

However, if the message says CHARGING then you will black out. Then, if you're lucky, you won't feel the pain when you wake up: It feels like you're turning into ash. You will awake in a building with police lines and a detective and his boss. The detective's name is Randall.

At the moment where a figure appears behind the detective Randall's back, say: "I wish to FIRE MY LAZARRR!!!" If the figure turns towards you, he will speak. If he stops at any point, prepare to face an eternity of being BLAHHHHed. The figure will reveal his face: He wears black sunglasses, has brown hair and has a mouth that gapes to below his head. He will then shoot about 1337 lazers everywhere.

If by miracle none hit you, he will disintegrate after describing every lazer that's been fired in the history of the universe. You will then seem to fade into nothingness, and then you won't remember anything until you reappear in your bedroom. There will be a metal tentacle that looks like it has been ripped out of somebody's back.

That is object L33t of 9001. Will you fire your lazer?

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