The Holder of Empathy

Go to any Hospital and ask any clerk there to see the "one who knows the mind". They will then ask you what your greatest ambition is. Tell them that "only the mind knows". The clerk will then direct you to a surgical theater in the hospital and leave you alone overlooking the operating table.

A strange man with a large swollen skull will enter the operating room and lay down on the table. This man will be dressed in ragged, blood red clothing. If he is dressed any other way then you must go back the way you came and try the test again another day or face the same fate as the man.

If the man is dressed the way he is supposed to be, then continue to watch as a very large man dressed in dirty scrubs enters the room and takes a small knife out of his back pocket. He will begin to make an incision into the patient's scalp and you will notice at that instant that you can feel everything being done to the man. Nothing can be done about this and you must endure the pain.

Once the patient's scalp has been fully bisected, he will rise up and open his skull revealing a large pulsating brain. This is the holder. Through your shared suffering you must shout, "What are the ties that bond?!".

In your head you will hear the holder explain every last detail about every insecurity ever felt by everyone you have ever met. Once the holder stops speaking to you, you must thrust your hand forward as if to shake hands and close your eyes. Once you have felt a cold tendril touch your hand and recede you can open your eyes again. You will be in bed in your home. If you should chose to look in a mirror you will see that your head is twice its normal size. No one else can see this, but it will allow you to understand the exact emotions, expectations and insecurities of everyone you meet from then on.

This mental ability is object 1500 of 2538
Don't think you have escaped your own humanity.

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