The Holder of Emptiness

In any city, in any country, go to any empty warehouse that you can get yourself into. Once inside, say, "I've come to see The Holder of Emptiness," as if you were speaking to the very warehouse itself.

The room will shake into a blur and then reform into a stone pit with nothing but darkness beneath you. Needless to say, you will begin to fall. You will continue to fall for several weeks; don't worry about hunger or thirst, for such things do not exist in a world of emptiness (indeed, you should be thankful that you even exist here). If, against all odds, you retain your sanity throughout the entirety of your fall, the stone walls around you will eventually disappear; you will see nothing around you but infinite blackness.

Then, and only then, may you ask the question, "Why do they feel empty?" Ask incorrectly, and you'll land (rather hardly) on a concrete floor; considering how long you've been falling, your chance of survival is slim.

Ask correctly, however, and you'll land harmlessly on the softest cushion you've ever felt. A bright light will shine down on you; in front of you will be an oaken table, with the upper half of a man resting upon it. He will not answer your question but instead present you with two canvas bags. One holds the Object, the other holds an eternity in that pit. It is up to you to choose the right one.

Should you be fortunate enough to choose the correct bag (and, indeed, few are so lucky), you'll find inside an ordinary-looking cup with a small crack running down the side. Immediately after seeing your prize, you will find yourself back outside the warehouse you started in, cup in hand. Any liquid placed in this cup will never run out; if so much as a drop of another liquid is put inside it, it will replace the original liquid entirely.

That cup is Object 253 of 538. Eternal emptiness will seem like bliss should They come together.

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