The Holder of Equality

Dear Seeker,

Why do you insist upon collecting the objects? Are they mere possessions to you? Possessions you wish to use to carry out menial tasks? Are they trophies to you? Plaques that can be hung on your wall? The Objects, They, Them; They come by many names, but with only one purpose. If you have made it this far, Seeker, you have already found the purpose. Why continue this quest? Why continue the struggles that no ordinary man could hope to live through? Why risk your life for objects that will outlive you, being passed on from owner to owner? You have probably asked yourself this. If not, then the information listed below is not for you. But, if you wish to go to the center of Hell once more and back, then carry on.

-For those of you who are wondering, the story is not done.

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