The Holder of Force

I can hear his footsteps now, I can hear the screams of the children as he tears them apart and releases the monsters from their cages...he comes for me, Seeker, he comes. He comes but does not know that there is nothing here for him to Seek, it was already stolen from me by the man with the distant eyes and the cruel grin. It was a mistake on one Holder's part that led him to become this way, those traps that leave Seekers stranded with demons in another dimension failed in this one instance. He LEARNED, he learned how to fight them, he learned how to force them, he learned that they could leave and so too could he if he broke them to his will.

I know what he seeks, he seeks my eyes, orange jewels that can crush anything that the wielder can comprehend, but they were stolen long ago. Oh, how I will laugh when he reaches my throne formed of the bones of his kind, how I will laugh as he spills my blood in rage! Legion stole my eyes and you can never have them, Seeker!

I see him...why does he smile...WHY DO YOU SMILE!? His mouth opens...those words..they are so horrible...Why am I still alive even after he has torn off my skin, why do I see my body!? W...he holds a mirror..I see...I see now.

“I wanted you to see what will become of you, Holder of Force.”

His calms my rage, I don't think I can hold on for much longer. He rips off my skin, I don't feel it, I feel too calm. I feel the cold steel shackles he binds me with before breaking my throne and making one of his own, before he sits and reads that damnable book to me. There was a time when a Seeker came to ask me “What can cause Them to act?”, and I would give them a long answer than would tell them that only power rivaling Their own could do so, this Seeker did not come to ask, he came to tell. No, no, he is not a Seeker...he seeks but is not a Seeker, he holds but is not a Holder....I believe he may be the opposite of the man with the too wide smile....Why is it that I only feel hope when he speaks? Why is the malice slowly slipping from my mind as I slowly rot away and he becomes the new Holder of Force. He already has the Object...he knows how to use it to escape. He tells me that a Seeker will come in 2,000 years and will take his place, I cannot bring myself to doubt him.

I was the Holder of Force, the Force Gems were object 786 of 2,538, they are now merely glasses to a man who can fight without them. There was a time when a mortal man could do nothing with them, now there is one who can kill hell's finest with them.

I leave this message, hoping someone can free me while I still have some anger left...he has a weakness, you must find his true name, it is written in the book of his Object. He is looking at me now...he must know what I'm-

“Silly thing, what do you think I've been reading all this time?”

Beware, Seeker, for you cannot see the deception behind his smile until it is too late.

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