The Holder of God

In any city, in any country, go to the oldest christian church. Inside the church go and sit on the right hand side of the confessor. When the confessor opens the window you must say: "Forgive me father, for i have sinned, take me to the Holder of God." The priest will remain silent for six hundred and sixty six seconds, you must not make a sound during that time or else your soul will be taken directly from your body and scattered across the universe for all eternity.

If you managed to stay silent the priest will ask you to follow him, he will lead you to the lowest catacombs of the church which seem to stretch under the entire city. Keep following the priest and do not look away from him, for if you lose sight of him you will be forever lost within the catacombs.

You will then be lead into a vast chamber that is filled with burning incense, in the middle of the chamber there is an angel that chained to all four walls of the room. He will be the most beautiful creature you have ever laid eyes upon and you will wish to free him from his shackles, but you must resist at all cost. For if you free him, he will rip your soul out and consume it, turning you into his puppet to carry out evil upon the world. if you wish to leave unharmed you must ask the angel this question: "Why has God let this come to pass?" the angel will then recite his story in all excruciating details with a voice as grating as a rusted steel gate.

If you manage to listen to the story without freeing the angel a blood covered feather will fall to the ground, that feather is one of Legion's object. The feather will drip blood whenever another object is near, as if crying out of joy at the coming reunion.

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