The Holder of Gold

Why hello dear Seeker. I'm the Holder of Gold as you are well aware. If you've made it this far then you are lucky, very lucky, that my precious babies didn't hear you before I did. They may look like hideous beast full of deformities to you but they are beautiful to me. Anyways, yes I heard question-"Why do they greed?" I will answer you but first lets chat. I'm in an amusing mood and you are to be my entertainment. Would you care for some coffee, a biscuit, intercourse?

The last one is a doozy isn't it? Do you like my female form? I've been told I look like a bronze goddess from the Romans. It doesn't matter what sex you prefer because Gold is has its own incredible draw, as do I. So feel free to stare and be memorized.

Come to my bed, and I will tell you the story about Their Greed. Hmm, someone warned you well. Yes if you lay with me your flesh will die in the most excruciating but pleasurable way and your soul will forever lie in my palm. It would keep me company for like I said before I seldom get any. Hush yourself and cease to repeat that question. Very well I shall answer you now before my patience snaps. It shall be a gruesome and painfully complicated tale for you, but to me it's simple.

They greed for Gold simply because its beautiful and powerful. Gold has started wars and wiped put civilizations. Out of hate and bloodlust, souls are tainted and changed. Some become demons others messagers, but the outcome is the same; they are destroyed at the fundamental level of existence. There is power in Gold and power for those who hold it and wield it.

Well now you've retained you mind, yet I must say that the blood running from your eyes and ears doesn't suit you. Clean yourself off with my skirt then strangle me with it. Don't fret over hurting my pretty form. I'm wise enough not to want to live to see the Revolution.

The skirt's stitching and embroidery are hammered Gold. It is Object 1434 of 2538. Will the allure of Gold's power taint you?

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