The Holder of Hearing

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution of halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to speak to the “Holder of Hearing”. The clerk will continue to do whatever it is that he was doing, as if he did not hear you. Do not ask again. Eventually, he will acknowledge you, and motion for you to follow him. He will take you to a small courtyard behind the building, and lead you to an old well. The well will be open, and completely dark inside. An unstable rope ladder will be crudely nailed to one side. He will tell you to descend it alone.

Carefully and slowly, climb down the ladder into the darkness. The opening to the well will close soon after you start descending. Do not be startled. Once it closes, it is imperative that you not make a sound. All noises you make will be amplified tenfold. Any loud sound will cause your ears to bleed profusely, and your eardrums to rupture. You are in the grips of the Holder from that point on, and your escape entirely depends on him.

You will climb down the ladder for what will seem like an hour, and you will eventually reach a dirt floor. Land softly, and do not make any noise. You will be standing at the beginning of a narrow hallway. Once you have found your footing in the thick darkness, proceed forward slowly and cautiously.

If at any point you hear faint music, quickly cover your ears. You may become curious if and when you hear the strange sounds, but I assure you, listening for more than five seconds will result in your ears being eaten away completely. Keep your hands clamped tightly over your ears to muffle the sound as you make your way forward. Straight ahead should be a door with light peaking out from under it. If the lights should go out, quickly whisper “It was not my intention to hear what must not be heard, please allow me to continue”. If the lights do not return, there is no point in running. Death will be inevitable, in the form of unspeakable agony. If the lights return from under the door, then open it and enter. The amplified sound will be returned back to normal, so you can remove your hands from your ears.

The room will smell like death. The walls will be caked with feces and blood, and the floor will be composed of hollowed out organs. Hold back any gagging or vomiting, and try to shift your attention to the human form sitting in the center. A naked old man will sit there, with two gaping holes on either side of his head where his ears would normally be. His eyes will be red from crying. Do not approach him, for he will quickly devour your form if you do. By your feet, you will see the two ears that were torn off of him. Pick one up carefully, and softly whisper the question into it, “What was it that they heard?”. The old man will grumble, as if being awakened, and open his mouth widely and scream. It will be the loudest thing you have ever heard, and your ears will bleed. If you’re lucky, that will be all that happens. Do not cover your ears for the entire duration of the scream, or he will tear them off of you like he did his own. As he screams, you will hear the scream of every human victim in history. You may start to sob out of sorrow, but keep your cries quiet.

When his scream subsides, he will approach you and place two small paper-thin objects in your hand. The lid to the well will then be reopened, and you will be free to leave.

The man’s eardrums are Object 1973 out of 2538. No one must ever hear the things that they have heard.

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