The Holder of Him

In any city, in any country, go to a high school and speak with the math teacher, ask to see "The Holder of Him." The teacher will look at you with a very angry expression and he will yell. Don´t move, he will lead you into a class room.

Sit in the middle. After about an hour, you will feel very tired. You will want to go home, but something will keep you in the room. Now, count to 15 and look to your right. You should see a very handsome young man. If you don´t see him, you would do well to run for your life, as the creatures will start coming to class. They will peck at your eyes, they will scream in your ear and torture you for the rest of eternity.

But if you see the young man, consider yourself lucky, for now. You have to walk over to him and say "hi". If he starts to talk with you, that will be your end. You will spend your mortal life speaking to him, suffering as your blood is slowly drained of your body.

If he remains silent, ask him one question, "Why did it happen this time?". If he closes his eyes and walks away, you did something wrong, and you're death will be quick, but far from painless. But if he look at you and is pleased with your presence, he will tell you, how a small part of everyone dies every time someone breaks our heart.

At this time, you will feel every pain experienced when a lover loses his love. No matter if you never been in love, you will feel pain and uncontrollably cry for some amount of time, but the sadness will never cease. The pain will be surreal and not like anything you've felt before. The Holder will tell you as a result of our selfishness and pride, we cause pain to the ones that surround us, and nobody, absolutely nobody, not even the better of humanity, is exempt from that pain.

He'll ask if you've ever been proud or selfish. You must answer truthfully, if you want to stay alive. After that he will give you a rose, the crimson of blood. You will pass out and wake up on a park bench near the high school.

That Rose is the object 1904 of 2538. Now you know the lover's pain. Will you cause it?

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