The Holder of Insidiousness

In the closest fisherman's wharf, ask the oldest fisherman there if you may see The Holder of Insidiousness POLITELY, for he has been known to use strange meat on his hooks after a rude Seeker. After grumbling a bit, he will get up from his chair and motion for you to get on the boat. If you get on, do NOT sit down at any time, or Hell would seem like a Paradise compared to the tortures you will face.

After what will feel like eons of surf, you will reach an island ripped straight from your old storybooks. If you have been making conversation with the old man, he will pass this island without a second thought, but you will feel a desperate need to be on this island. You will throw yourself off of the boat and swim towards the shore, having your body slowly eaten by demons, although you will not feel the pain, and when you finally reach the island, it shall distort itself to a demonic land not unlike the 5th ring of Dante's Inferno. If, however, you remained quiet throughout the journey, he will ask if this is your stop. Reply, "I only wish for the Promised Land.", and he will bring you to an island overflowing with jungle and rock.

As you step off of the ship, be sure to thank the fisherman for his time, he's faster than you think. Make your way through the undergrowth, but be warned, The Holder has set many traps throughout the island to prevent anyone from taking His Object. If you get past the undergrowth, you will reach a smoking volcano, where The Holder awaits. When you reach the peak, the smoke will curl around you. Hold your breath, volcanic fog is highly toxic. If you survive three minutes, he will appear before you, and toss a bear trap at your feet. Take this and run as fast as you can from the volcano, for the Test has begun, and the demon you must catch can never have your scent. Flee into the jungle, and build a trap to capture the demon. Be careful, though. The beast that you seek has hunted many before, and knows of many traps as well.

If, by some chance, you actually capture the creature, it will offer to accompany you on your quest the Objects. Do not accept, no matter how much it may beg, for it will rend your mind and soul to pieces if you do. Instead, bring the demon to the top of the volcano once more, and present it to the Holder. If he is displeased with the way you captured it, he will grin and throw you into the store of creatures in the volcano, for they are also Seekers who failed to ingeniously snare the fiend. If he appears intrigued, he will ask you to explain your device. Only say these words: "I hunted, now you must hunt." He will drop a net at your feet, and run into the jungle. The fog will surround you, and you will wake up on a black sand beach in Hawaii.

The net is Object 2038 of 538. Will the pieces comply, or will you be dragged under?

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