The Holder of Insignificance

In any city, in any country, go to any park with a playground you can find. Sit on the swing that is nearest to any trees. Swing slowly, and close your eyes. The park should begin to become quieter and quieter. If it doesn't, if the volume increases to a loud, ear-splitting buzzing level, accept your fate. You will not leave. If however the park becomes completely silent, then open your eyes. Be careful not to open them too soon.

You will find that you and the swing seem to be the only things in existence. You will be surrounded by something that isn't blackness, but is simply nothing. Step off of the swing, and do not look back at it. Walk straight forward, do not look around. You will find yourself feeling small, insignificant, to the point of wishing you didn't exist. You could go on walking for mere minutes, or years. If you don't go insane from what you're feeling, you will eventually come to something that isn't nothing. It's not something physical you can see, but it is there, you can feel it. Pass through this area.

If you hear nothing, you have failed, and will be doomed to wander a realm of nothing forever, without the luxury of death. However you may hear a quiet musical sound, like a music box, but more beautiful. You will not want to speak, you won't want to interrupt the sound but you must force yourself to speak. Call out "Why do we have to?". Do not say anything else, and do not question in your mind why you have said this. If you have done correctly, your surroundings will melt back to the park, and you will find yourself a few steps in front of the swing.

Look around the area of the swing. You will find a small bottle of white nail polish. The liquid in this bottle will never run out. There will be no label, or markings. Keep this bottle safe. You can wear it if you wish, it will have no effect on you.

This bottle is object 1974 of 2538. Don't swing too high.

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