The Holder of Lion's Power

In any city, in any country, go to any zoo you can get yourself into. Ask a ranger to see The Holder of Lion's Power. He will be very afraid, but ask twice more, and he will tell you to follow him.

After a while, you will go into a part of the zoo that doesn't belong to the zoo or has never been there. In here, beside the normal animals, you will see all the horrible animals that you have never seen (because this Lion is the king of all animals on Earth and in Universe, though) are being kept in cages made of crystal that the man kind will never know. But don't look at them too long, if you don't want the ranger open the cages so they can come out and eat you.

As you keep walking, you will see a door seems made of iron (but it's made of a metal that man kind will never know) and has scratches on it, now you can know how powerful is the Lion's Power. The ranger will ask you to walk in and lock the door. Keep walking, because there's no way you can come out, let the dark eat you. If the room is suddenly bathed in lights, shut your eyes and scream:" I am a human, I do not belong where you do!". Then open your eyes, if you still can see the light, then scream or pray or whatever you want, because the lights will burn you, but if you see the dark, keep walking until you reach a door.

Open a door, you will see a room of a palace, everything is made of pure gold. In the middle of the room, there's a Lion wearing a crown, and if it doesn't, the Lion, or should I say The Holder, doesn't accecpt you, and you are stuck in here forever. If you went in the right room, there's only one question to ask and not to be torn, use all your courage and ask:"You are the king of what?". The lion will powerfully answer to you, it will tell you the tragic and dolorous fate of the slaves and discribe it detailedly, even how bad is your imagination, you still can imagine it, the story will make you painful, and can make you suicide. When the lion finished, and if you are still calm, the Lion will puff fire to you, if you are not as courage as earlier, the fire definitely will burn you, because the Lion doesn't accept poltroonery. But if you can, the fire will stop burning, and now, it's in your heart.

The fire is object number 539 of 2538. Now you are truly a lion, will you use that power wisely?

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