The Holder of Liquid

In any city, in any country go to any mental hospital or halfway house you can get yourself to. Ask the receptionist to visit someone who calls herself 'The Holder of liquid'.
The receptionist will bring you to a door numbered '560'.

The door will be locked, but don't ask the receptionist to unlock it, as they will lead you to your death. Wait for the sound of running water. This is your cue to enter. Take care not to make as little noise as possible.

Inside you will find yourself standing on the rocky brooks of a lake. You will see a beautiful flower at your feet. You must water the flower with water from the lake.

The flower will grow instantly to twice the size of your average person. The petals will begin to peel back and in the centre of the flower will be a beautiful woman, wearing nothing but translucent blue silks and a seashell to tie up her hair. At no point should you display the slightest interest in the shell, or she will use it to cut your throat.

She will beckon you towards her flower, resist her. If she starts to sing you must run into the lake and face the unknown horrors of the lake, rather than the horror of The Holder.

Should she just stand there, ask her one question. She will answer any question truthfully, past or present. If you wish to leave this lake, ask her "When do They slumber?"

She will answer "never" in a slight whisper. You will black out and wake up in your bed, slightly wet. With a seashell in your hand.

The seashell is object 540 of 2538. Should you place it to your ear, you will hear The Holders voice, singing of tragedies in the near future. Let it remind you that a Seekers journey is never over.

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