The Holder of Loneliness

In any city, in any country, in winter vacations go to any School when no one else is supposed to be there you can get yourself to. When you enter sit in a bench and close your eyes for an hour or so; after that time open your eyes and you will notice the sky is very cloudy, you should also see a little black haired girl sobbing, try to approach her but be careful not to scare her; if you scare her She will gaze you with her yellow eyes that will paralyze you of fear, no one knows the destiny that awaits the only certain things are that She doesn’t like the loneliness and that no one will be able to see you ever again, however if you are able to approach her you should start talking with her for a little time so She feels a little more comfortable, if She doesn’t like your chatting then She’ll gaze you, however if She likes your chat then you will be able to ask her for “The Holder of Loneliness”.
If you did everything right She will ask you to follow her, you should keep the chatting so She doesn’t get mad at you, when you exit the school you’ll notice there’s no one in the streets. You have to keep walking and chatting with her, if you don’t or if you get distracted She might get mad at you and gaze you. After a while (might be from a few hours to complete days) She’ll tell you that she doesn’t feel alone anymore and will show you her true form.
Her true form will be a lady that is your age with long blonde hair; her yellow eyes will change from the deadly weapons they were to beautiful yellow crystals, She will tell you that She is The Holder of Loneliness and will hand you her Pocket watch.
However be warned that if you accept the watch you won’t be alone ever again since she will stay with you even after you die and this might be good or bad depending on you.
The watch is object 777. Always with you

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