The Holder of Malice

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask for “The Holder of Malice”. The worker will stare at you levelly, come out from behind the desk and take your hand. He will lead you up into the higher levels of the facility. His nails will dig into your palms, with each step you take to reach the top, they will dig in deeper. You must never let go of his hand.

After what feels like days, the stairs will end and across a large room, there will be a tall iron box. The room will be hot, and the temperature will continue to rise, feeling increasingly unbearable. No matter how hot the room gets, you must cross the room, take no time to remove your clothes, take no time to look behind you at the worker. The worker will try to prevent you from continuing, but in no circumstances attempt to let go of his hand.

When you reach the box, you will need to pry open the lid with your free hand. The iron is razor thin, but take no time to find a tool to open the box, use only your free hand. Inside the box is a small paper bundle. Lift it out gently. Without looking behind you, ask the worker “What is Their extent?”

Many have never escaped from this room, the unspeakable horrors that have occurred here tell their tales streaked across the bare walls, reverberating across the space so many times that it is impossible to see anything but the gore They left behind. The worker shall detail every awful atrocity, every wound, every agonising moment of the pain They inflicted. His hand will dig deeper still, until all you see is white pain.

As soon as he finishes, you must leave, quickly. Run across the room. Do not look at the worker. Flee down the stairs and run from the facility until your muscles scream for mercy and run some more. When the pain in your legs is worse than the pain in your hands, stop. You are done.

Unwrap the package. The mummified infant inside is Object 418 of 538. Keep it warm.

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