The Holder of Memes

In any city, in any country, go to any internet cafe you can get yourself into, ask the man behind the counter for the one who calls himself "The Holder of Memes", if the man screams "DO NOT WANT", you better GTFO that place.

Otherwise, he should ignore you and begin to type something. After awhile of typing, he should say, "Hes in the back" and give you a key with some words on it or something. When you reach the back of the cafe, there will be what appears to be OVER NINE THOUSAND doors all around you, but one door will stand out, for it is glowing.

Approach that door, and should put the key in the keyhole, and open it(do you really need directions on how to open a door?). There will be no light, ecxept for a glow that is radiating off of a small array of computer screens in the distance. Walk towards them. As you approach the screens, should you hear someone shouting "desu" in the background, you should immediately yell "STFU NEWFAG". Once you reach the screens, there will be a dude in a chair with his back to you, the screens turn an leery color of blue, and the man turns around. Your first reaction might be "HOLY SHIT ITS MOOT", but dont verbalize it, beacuse if you utter this Holder's name, Longcat comes out of the darkness and eats you.

He will only respond to one question, and that is "why did you make it", he will respond with "for the lulz, why else?". Then he will hand you a flash drive, with the entire interwebz on it. After this, his true form will be revealed, and you better run before he bans your ass.

The iterwebz is object 9001 of 538, how the fuck does that work?

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