The Holder of Mysteries

In any city, in any country, go to any library you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask the librarian if you can see "The Holder of Mysteries". The librarian should begin to quiver in fear, as if she had seen Satan himself. Ask the librarian promptly three times over to see "The Holder of Mysteries". Books should begin to fly off of the shelves, crushing everyone in the library. The Librarian will then begin to laugh. Laugh along with or you will face the same fate as those who were crushed by the books. The Librarian should then begin to walk over the battered corpses and down to an aisle of books long-forgotten and covered in dust in the back of the establishment. Do not stop to check out the books or even to read the titles, for they contain information that would destroy the mind of any individual.

As you wander farther into the labyrinth of aisles, the shelves will begin to look older, dustier, and stranger, ridden with books off all colors. One book will fall of the shelf by itself. Do not touch the book, for it glows a white hot and will disintegrate anything it comes in contact with. You may look at it, but the title of the book is written in unknown symbols. On the spine of the book, it is written simply "Why". The lights will then begin to flicker, but do not show any signs of fear or the lights will turn off forever, and you will be left to wander in the darkness stricken with paranoia until the Objects are re-united.

After one more minute of wandering through the shelves, the lights will finally stop flickering, but an unknown sound will begin to echo through the corridors. With the sounds, the librarian will come to a stop and fall to the floor. Do not try to assist the librarian, for this will anger the echoing sounds, which originate from beasts of unknown origins, roaming the halls in search for fresh flesh. As the librarian collapses, the lights behind you will quickly begin to flicker, coming ever closer to you. You will also see an old man with no eyes and a glowing red cane inch ever closer to you from behind. Do not challenge him for he will dismember you slowly if you approach anywhere near him. In front of you will appear a man with no eyes as well, and carrying a blue cane. As they approach you slowly, Do not attempt to run or the floor will fall beneath you and you will be consumed by the darkest creatures of hell. The Man with the blue cane will tell you that the man with the red cane is his brother, but the man with the red cane will tell you that the man with the blue cane is not his brother. The man with the red cane then asks you to kill the man with the blue cane, and if you are smart, you will, for if you do not, both the men will decapitate you instantly, and you will continue to live, feeling the pain eternally.

As you are about to kill the man with the blue cane, he asks you "Why". If you dare respond to him, be brave in the doing so for any sign of fear with cost you your life. In a straight face, tell him "How can They see". He will begin to describe to you the mysteries of life that everyone has ever questioned, and how every mystery has been right in front of the eyes of anyone who has ever questioned them, but they failed to solve the mystery because of the deceit their eyes played on them. The man with the red cane will then disappear, leaving his only his cane behind. The man in the blue cane will tell you to pick it up, and do so promptly, or you will be struck through the heart by the blue cane. As long as you are holding the cane, you will be able to solve any mystery that has dumbfounded you, but at the cost of your eyesight.

That Cane is Object 338 of 538. We forget that our eyes are the disbelievers.

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