The Holder of Nature

In any city, in any country, go to a plant store or green house, a man will be waiting up in front of the building ask him "I seek the Holder of Nature". He will have a depressed look on his face, he will go to where the Holder of Nature is, follow.

He will try to run be you still must follow, after what seems to be miles he will show you to a door, do not open before the man the door, for if you do you shall be part of the decaying manure of rotting human flesh.

When you get into the room a woman will appear in vines of a tree, like she was a tree, she will ask you to find the seed of the tree of life within a large selection of seeds, if you chose correctly the woman will in to a plant, not a tree but something like a bush, look inside the bush and you will find a small container with the seeds of the tree of the damned, this is an unknown item but it will destroy humanity in time.

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