The Holder of Nomad's Shadow

In any city, in any country, go to any library you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to see "The Holder of Nomad’s Shadow”. The librarian will ask who the author is. Tell them “You know the one that wrote it”
The Librarian will tell you “There is no book by that name” and will ask you to leave. Do not leave, for the way you came in is now closed to you forever.
Ignore the librarian’s confused act and the false answers you are given. Do not believe a word the librarian utters for the librarian has played this game before and will never again lead someone to this Holder.
Tell the librarian “Thanks anyway, I know where to go”. Now, wander off into the library with a determined look as if you know what you seek. Your steel grit attitude must not falter, for if your act fails, your fate is sealed and if the librarian does not follow at your heels nervously, you are not worthy and instead, you will serve in the library forever as the Others do.
Head to the furthermost corner of the library that is open to the public. If the librarian has followed, he will try to hand you books as you go. Do not take anything from the librarian, for any story you touch will be a story of horrors both real and imagined played out for eternity. This one and the next.
Carry on through the aisles regardless of Others now watching you as everything around you gets darker the further you go. Head straight and never deviate from your course for the dark holds gateways, though none of them are the one you seek.
In the dark, you will see shadows darker than the room around you; screaming, calling your name, giving you directions and begging you to turn back. Amongst the cries of terror and maddening laughter all around you, you will hear one voice reading out loud. Head towards the sound and you will see a shadow holding a black scroll with letters that will now illuminate ancient unrecognizable characters in a glowing red light.
Though the words are written and spoken in a language you will never know. These are the words you will hear:
“It was known a long time ago that the second seeker would be here at this very place at this exact time. But the first seeker is only now realising their part is yet to be played”
Ask the shadow man “where is the first seeker?”
The shadow man will say “Reading it as we speak......... Now who will it be?”
Do not speak. Your existence depends on it.
If you are unlucky, the First Seeker will know that their time is upon them and they will speak the words out loud and say.
“It’s him you want”
If 10 seconds pass, and the Others have not risen up to blind you with their darkness leaving you to wander their halls forever, the first Seeker has hesitated.
Run at the shadow man without a moment’s hesitation and take the scroll from his hands. Do not worry about what he might try to do to you. He is no longer your concern.
Look at the scroll and instead of paper, you will see glass; and behind that glass, a face looking back toward you but never seeing you. This is the face of the first seeker. This is the one that hesitated. Where you see a face, they see words. They are reading the story of their demise.
Look at them and watch as the shadow man appears behind them briefly before fading. He will follow them wherever they may go, bound to the seeker as their shadow.
You however, you must now follow your own shadow. For it knows the way. Follow your shadow. Through door & wall you may pass, No passage is blocked to you. You many return to where you came from.
You now possess Nomad’s Shadow, Object 205 of 538. Whether it leads you to your doom or salvation, only time will tell.

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